Friday, 29 August 2014

WHO attempts to censor Clive Bates

As I wrote yesterday, the WHO report released on Monday has been massively criticized this week. As usual Clive Bates delivered one of the most thought through and well written criticisms ( and posted a letter he wrote to the WHO in response to a public statement made by one of their representatives ( The WHO has responded to this by threatening to sue him for using a parody of their logo. Please read Carl Philips' post on the topic here: This comes on top of their twitter messages that Dr. Farsalinos commented on here:

This is the logo that the WHO didn't like
This is the kind of behaviour you typically see in people all out of arguments. They've put themselves in a position where they actually know they are wrong, but are reluctant to admit their mistake cause they are afraid to loose their authority... or they have financial reasons not to admit it. They are all out of arguments so their only option is to spread lies and try to crush the opposition with all means available not caring about the mess they leave behind. My wrecking ball analogy from yesterday seems even more relevant today.

In my honest opinion the WHO are not doing their job very well at the moment. I think Carl Philips says what we're all thinking right now:
If the WHO is so defenseless against criticism that this is the only way they can respond to it, perhaps it is time to replace them with people and an organization that are more suited to their role.

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