Thursday, 28 August 2014

The WHO report: Tearing down the firewall

Two days ago WHO released their dreaded report on E-cigarettes. There is a lot of problems with this report, and although WHOs position is not as bad as it once was there is still a lot of problems like many others have already pointed out:
The WHO was also active on twitter trying to spread their propaganda after the report was released, something that I think made Dr. Farsalinos (and a lot of others) quite pissed off:

Notice the snake in WHO's logo?
On Monday I introduced a counterpart to the gateway theory; "the firewall theory". To me it sounds much more plausible that e-cigarettes act as a firewall stopping people who otherwise would have started smoking cigarettes from doing so, rather than a gateway into the deadly habit. Non-tobacco flavours are the bricks of this firewall, innovative technology that distances vaping from smoking is the mortar and it is reinforced by huge health benefits for the users and people around them.

This theory should be like music in the WHOs ears. They are looking at something that not only could be a gateway out of tobacco addiction but could also make a lot less people start smoking. But instead they are doing their best to tear down this wall. They seem completely reluctant to acknowledge that the facts don't fit their precious gateway theory, so they they are now trying to change the facts by banning non-tobacco flavours, banning use in public spaces and trying to convince the public that the health benefits are not there. All of these will make vaping more similar to smoking. Think about it: If kids could only get hold of tobacco flavours, would this make it more or less likely that they switch to cigarettes? If you have to go outside to the smoking areas standing alongside smokers to be able to vape, would more or less vapers switch the wrong way? If all e-cigarettes looks like cigarettes and performs poorly, would that be good or bad for public health?

To me it looks like the WHO report is designed by Big Tobacco and backed up by Big Pharma to make sure e-cigarettes pose a health problem. All of the proposed regulations will make e-cigarettes more dangerous and the gateway theory more plausible. Because the big problem for Big Tobacco and Big Pharma today is that e-cigarettes work, and innovation will make them work even better, building an increasingly higher wall between them and their customers' money. So they've invested in a wrecking ball called WHO to tear down that wall.

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  1. well said! Good one about the "firewall". And I fully agree about the motives of the so-called "public health" self-proclaimed "experts"

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