Friday, 15 August 2014

E-juice Review: Mother's Milk by Suicide Bunny

Some weeks ago now I received a Zamplebox for review and when tasting one of the juices in it, Santerina by Omega Vape, I kind of recognized some tastes that I had tasted before. My review of the Zamplebox service will be posted soon by the way, I'm just waiting for Zamplebox to get ready for the competition that will be held with it. Anyway, I realized that the tastes I recognized was from Mother's Milk by Suicide Bunny that I actually tried quite a while ago, I think it was before I even started this blog. I remember I was trying out a lot of different juices at that time and most of the bottles ended up half empty in the bottom of the backpack I use to carry my laptop around in. So, kind of triggered by the Santerina experience, I dug out the bottle of Mother's Milk to try it again and write this review/recommendation.

Mother's Milk by Suicide Bunny
Tested on: Hellfire Hybrid (around 1.3 ohms)

This juice is often described as a creamy vanilla custard with hints of strawberry. I've seen people disagree strongly, complaining there is no strawberry, and some even say they get cinnamon, muffins and even chocolate milk. Some love it, some is kind of disappointed by it as they don't feel it lives up to it's reputation, but I still haven't seen anyone really hating it. The reason for all these different opinions kind of becomes clear when you try it out: It is a pretty complex juice, with quite a few underlying flavours, so I guess different tongues will get more or less of the different flavours.

Personally I get the creamy vanilla custard on the inhale and add a little strawberry to that on the exhale. So for me the description that most shops use fits pretty well. I've read that someone taste Nesquick, and when tasting it after I read that, I'm kind of getting that feeling myself. Maybe there is some chocolate milk hints in there. Some juices are like this... you can't really put your finger on the taste, until someone tell you and then you're like ... yeah... that's what it is.

As for throat-hit, I'd say this is ok, not to much of it to be honest. But then again, I'm not all after throat-hit in dessert flavours. I'm more after the great tastes that makes you want more. And I think Mother's Milk delivers a lot of it. It's by no means overpowering in any way, quite the opposite actually, it's pretty mild in my opinion. But still there is a lot of complexity and a very interesting vape, that tends to taste just a little bit different from day to day. It's sweet, but not too sweet, making it an excellent all day vape for me.

I think the complexity of this juice makes it one of those juices you just have to try out yourself. A lot of people will disagree with my description of it, and some will be disappointed while others will get a positive surprise.
Suicide bunny


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  3. Great Review. I would also want to try this E-liquid flavour, After that i can say anything.