Friday, 5 August 2016

Worth reading this weekend (August 5th 2016)

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It's been a while now since my last post. I have been on vacation, visiting Denmark to see my kids play football (that's soccer for you Americans), but that's not the only reason I've been kind of silent. To be honest I've scratched my head a bit trying to figure out something interesting to write about without repeating myself over and over again. I mean, there are of course some interesting stuff going on in the world of vaping. The FDA is trying to destroy vaping and they're being sued by several parties for this. The development in the UK and New Zealand is quite interesting to follow as well, and not depressive as what is happening in the US. But here in Norway, and Scandinavia I guess, it's kind of quiet at the moment. Here in Norway we're currently waiting for answers to the request for comments on the new tobacco act proposal to start ticking in. The deadline is set to September 26th. Some answers have come in but the ones that will really matter is not there yet, like from NDS (Norwegian Union of Vapers), the Institute of Public Health and so on. I talked to the owner of a vapeshop I visited in Hjørring, Denmark, during my vacation and from what I could understand the situation in Denmark is pretty much the same. I'm not sure if they've passed the law yet (feel free to comment if you know) but it's a lot of the same as in Norway... TPD and horrible fees to register products to sum it up really quickly.

So since it's a bit quiet and not that much to report from Norway at the moment, here's some interesting reading for you this weekend:
Have a nice weekend!

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