Friday, 12 August 2016

Introducing the Vaping Giraffe Facebook page

Today I'm launching the new Vaping Giraffe facebook page. Why haven't I done this before you say? I have no idea to be honest, but it's here now :) I'll be linking to all my post on this page from now on and in time maybe there will be more as well.

I'll also shut down the opportunity to post anonymous comments directly on the blog from now on, since mostly there is only spam getting posted anyway. I'll leave the logged in options open for now, but I encourage people to use the Facebook page for comments and discussions. Oh... almost forgot: There will be Vaping Giraffe t-shirts available as well :)

Hope you guys like the new page and feel free to leave a message in there.

Vapour UK


  1. Good work!! now lets get social :-)

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