Sunday, 21 August 2016

Review: Wismec Reuleaux 2/3

On April 1st this year JayBo announced that he was "retiring" from vaping... which of course was just an Aprils fool. If you watch the video I linked, right after he exposes the joke, he says "I'm not slowing down". And he certainly have not. I've got the feeling that he has been stepping it up quite a bit lately, and there is all kinds of crazy stuff coming out from Wismec. By crazy I actually mean innovative. Just looking at the stuff that has come out lately I'd say JayBo is going through some kind of "transformers period". The devices can be set up in different ways, combined and work in different modes. The Neutron RDA can be set up with coils in serial or parallel, the tank of the Cylin RTA can be used on some of the other drippers from JayBo and the new Noisy Cricket II-25 can switch from parallel battery mode to serial batteries with constant voltage or direct output. A single mode of operation just isn't enough for JayBo these days it seems :) That also goes for the subject of this review, the Reuleaux RX2/3. Based on the very popular Reuleaux RX200S this mod can be used with either two or three 18650 batteries capable of 150W or 200W respectively ... unless you upgrade it that is.

In the box
        • The Reuleaux RX2/3 
        • Back cover for 2 cells
        • Back cover for 3 cells (attached when you get it)
        • USB Cable
        • User Manual
        • Replacable back cover for use with either 2 or 3 18650 batteries
        • 150/200 Watt
        • VW/TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS/TCR Mode
        • 0.05-1.5ohm for TC modes
        • 0.1-3.5ohm for VW mode
        • 100-315°C/ 200-600°F (TC modes)
        • Max 6 Volts (2 batteries) / 9 Volts (3 batteries)
        • Reverse polarity protection
        • Spring loaded 510 connector
        • Upgradable firmware

        Look and feel

        When I first saw the Reuleaux RX200 (and DNA200 version for that matter) I thought it looked ... well kind of weird... and big and bulky. But then again, I wasn't really into box mods at all at that time. Now, however, I feel kind of different. I don't think the Reuleaux mods are the best looking mods out there, but after I got my RX200 the shape of it makes more sense and I guess that affects how I think it looks as well. The thing is that it's actually not that big. I guess it's about as big as it needs to be to fit three 18650 batteries, and it does fit very well into your hand. At least my hand, and I think I've got kind of average sized hands. When the Reuleaux first came it look very unusual I guess, but the shape has been copied by others, and there is a reason for that. The RX2/3 with three batteries installed looks pretty much exactly like an RX200S. I think the adjustment buttons are slightly different, and of course it's battery lid is different but that's about it. It feels pretty much the same. With only two batteries installed, it is of course lighter, but in my opinion this shape also feels very comfortable in your hand. The screen is also the same, quite big and easy to read, and you can even change the logo or install your own custom firmware with different fonts. I've only changed the logo, but changing fonts and so on doesn't seem to difficult either... there are quite a few tutorials online. All in all the RX2/3 feels like a solid device.

        In use

        Using the RX2/3 is pretty straight forward. I'm not going to go through all the
        functions, it's all intuitive and all in the manual as well. 5 clicks to turn on and off, 3 to enter the menu and switch modes. Might be worth mentioning that you can adjust the watts in TC mode as well and you need to do 4 clicks to enter that menu, while in TC mode. Simple, intuitive and very easy to use.

        The battery door is released from the mod by pushing a small button on the
        bottom of the mod. Works very well if you ask me, the doors both click into the mod nicely and and pops right out once you push the button.

        You can charge the batteries via the USB port below the screen, but it is recommended, and faster, to use an external charger. What you need to think about if you're switching "modes" from two to three batteries or visa versa is that you need to make sure the batteries are all evenly charged. That means, in practice, they should all be fully charged and all the same type. In fact you should have a set of three and a set of two that are charged together at all times. I've used it mostly with two batteries and I can pretty much get at least a day of vaping from those with my vaping style so I imagine I'll keep doing that most of the time. But if I know it's going to be a while until I can charge again, having the option to put three batteries in there is just great.

        Upgrading the software is also quite easy to do on this device. You can find software for all the Reuleaux models on the Wismec website and if you have a windows computer it is pretty straight forward to do it. Just download, unzip the files and double click the program file and a self explanatory interface will pop up. You can also change your logo from this interface, just remember it needs to be exactly 64x48 pixels and saved as monochrome bitmap. This is where good old paint comes in. Pretty straight forward stuff and I guess you'll use the most time actually making or finding a cool logo. I've made a couple that you can download from the Vaping Giraffe facebook page (or just save the ones on the right) if you want to try it out.


        The RX2/3 delivers far more power that I need on any of my atomizers or builds. I don't have any way of testing that it actually delivers the watts, other than comparing it to other devices. I've compared it to my Efusion DNA200 and to me it seems like it delivers about the same power at the same watt setting. Maybe slightly more actually. This is consistent with tests I've read on it as well. As I've said before, I seldom use temp. control, but I've tested the RX2/3 on an SS setup and it seems to work as intended.

        Performance wise I'd say the RX2/3 delivers what it promises, and then some. When you upgrade the software to version 4.12 (latest one available from Wismec) it can manage 180W with two batteries and 250W with three (same as the RX200 and RX200S with upgraded firmware). I'd say that is a lot of bang for your buck.

        Pros and cons

        + Lots of stable power
        + Easy and intuitive to use
        + Fits very nicely into the palm of your hand, both with two and three batteries
        + Upgradable firmware
        - ... not much really.... well not really a con, but you need 5 batteries if you want to use both modes safely


        If you like the RX200 and RX200S, you'll love the RX2/3. I know some people struggle with the looks of it, but if you don't, and you're looking for a high power device with plenty of battery time, this is one of the best options out there. And price wise... it's a bargain. The RX2/3 costs about the same as the RX200S (NOK 699,- at, maybe slightly more in some shops so I see no reason not to go for the RX2/3 if you want one of those anyway.

        Thanks a lot to Michael at for sending me the device for review. He also provided a discount code for my readers: pgvg2016 (10% off)
        • All my reviews are my honest opinion even if I am affiliated with the company manufacturing or selling the product.
        • This review does not contain affiliate links.


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        2. Waooow!! Nice blog, this will be greatly helpful.

        3. I've just taken the plunge and ordered a wismec rx2/3 in gold and your review was one of many that helped me make up my mind on what mod to buy. This mod looks perfect. I'm going to run it on dual 18650 at first then I'm going to buy 3 18650 so I can run it on triple bat setup. I then will have the 2 18650 and then 3 18650 so can run it how you recommended. I'm looking forward to my wismec getting to me and then I'm vaping away. I'm pairing it with a gold steam craze aromamizer supreme btw 👌🏻

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