Friday, 12 August 2016

Worth reading this weekend (August 12th 2016)

This week the FDA deeming regulations came into effect and you've probably read a lot about it already. The most immediate effects of this right now seems to be the following:
  • Product innovation have been de facto banned in the US, as no new products are allowed on the market without investing a gazillion dollars in a Pre-Market Tobacco Application. That will probably be great for product safety right? And if you're not able to pay a gazillion dollars to get your products approved within two years you'll have to take them off the market.
  • Vape shop owners are not allowed to help their customers use the equipment properly. Another great thing for product safety...
  • Manufacturers and vendors are not allowed to tell people the truth about vaping: it can dramatically increase your chances to quit smoking and thereby save your life. 
  • There are probably more, but I think it is so blindingly obvious that those three effects will not save lives but cost lives that it proves beyond all doubt that the FDAs motives for doing this has nothing to do with health... at all.
Anyway, here is some more reading for you this weekend, some of it about the FDA regulations and some about ...

It is quite possible that e-cigarettes are contributing to this rapid fall in adolescent smoking rates. Young people who experiment with e-cigarettes may otherwise have smoked if e-cigarettes were not available.
Have a nice weekend!



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