Monday, 22 September 2014

Vaping areas - a good idea?

A vaping area could be a great place to meet
other vapers, or recruit new ones.
This weekend I spotted someone posting an article about the U.S. Military opening a vape deck on USS George Washington ( I was pretty excited about this "news" and set out to write a blog post about it. In fact, I almost finished the whole post before I suddenly noticed the date.... 23rd of July. Damn that's old news, but still really good news though. Anyway, seeing that a lot of people have blogged about this already, I'm sure I'm the only one in the whole world of vaping that missed it, so I'm not going to bother you with that post now.

However, reading the article I especially took notice of something Aviation Maintenance Administration-man 3rd Class Zachary Dixon (damn, that is some title) said:
“I think having an E-cigarette smoke pit is a great idea and I believe it is a step forward, not just for the George Washington, but for the U.S. Navy as a whole,” said Dixon. “People like myself now have the option to avoid being exposed to cigarette smoke, and still enjoy our E-cigarettes in a similar environment.”
Thinking of it I don't see this argument too often: making vapers go to the smoking areas, or outside with the smokers, to vape, will in fact expose them to cigarette smoke. Of course I've seen it mentioned before, but I do feel it's not emphasized enough.

The most obvious negative effect of this is the exposure to secondhand smoke. The reason smokers have to go outside or to a designated area is to protect non-smokers from this. Well, a lot of vapers are also non-smokers now so why shouldn't they be protected?

Another negative effect, that in my opinion is just as bad, is that I do believe this will cause quite a lot of people relapsing and start smoking again. I think new vapers, or people that are on the verge of making the switch will be very vulnerable to this. A lot of people start out with poor performing cig-alikes. If they were allowed to vape inside, without exposure to cigarette smoke, this might just have been the one advantage that keeps them from switching back, and might encourage them to search for better performing equipment. If forced to vape with the smokers, the way back to cigarettes at this stage is not very long. I know this was the case with myself, as I started out with a crap set from Deal Extreme, and I have to admit that when I went outside with the smokers at work the cigarettes were very tempting. And yes, I had a cigarette once in a while... and it was great. At home, I didn't cause I used the crap set inside, and this inspired me to search for something better. Now I'm pretty much immune to this effect, since I've been vaping for so long and I've got equipment that makes vaping so much better than smoking. Cigarettes now taste so awful that I'd never go back.

Then there is the fact that vaping in non-smoking areas could encourage more smokers to try it out. Now this one is a bit tricky though. Making vapers "hang out" with the smokers could also get some more smokers interested. But then again, there is one less advantage for the vaper to boast of. To be totally honest I'm not sure whether forcing vapers to use the smoking areas or allowing vaping in non-smoking areas will trigger the most smokers to try it out, but I do think allowing vaping in non-smoking areas will increase the success rate of those who try.

I don't see any good reason that vaping needs to be banned in any non-smoking area. Of course there are some places I don't vape. In general I'd say I try to avoid vaping openly where there is a lot of kids. It's all about vaping responsibly, and using common sense. But I also think having special vaping areas, for example on ships or in airports, preferably combined a vape bar, is a good idea. You could do this without banning vaping in other areas, and I think it would still attract a lot of vapers. Such areas, especially if it offers smokers the opportunity to try it out, could be great for gathering vapers, sharing experiences and convincing smokers to switch. And it is certainly a lot better than forcing vapers to go vape with the smokers.

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  1. I would have no objection going to a designated vaping area, but I believe this would be the top of a very slippery slope.
    I have already heard the argument from the ANTZ about age restrictions "If it is so safe, how come they ban the sale to under 18s?". I am sure that any further concessions to them will ultimately be used against us.

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  2. Agree RobC - the thin end of a very thick wedge! Are they going to set aside areas for those eating sweeties in public so they don't upset diabetics or people trying to get the pounds off? We need to normalise vaping, not stick it in yet another box.

  3. I do agree this is a slippery slope. If vaping areas would be the only place one could vape, vaping would run the risk of being viewed as dangerous and not normalized.

    However, if set up more like specialized cafe's or pubs, without banning vaping in other areas I think they can be a good place to meet other vapers or curious smokers and maybe try out new flavours or even equipment. In such a setting it might even help normalizing vaping. Having a beer at the an airport bar is viewed as quite normal right? And I believe in the right setting, to go try out a new e-juice and have a coffee while you wait for your gate to open could be viewed as just as normal. So maybe calling it a vape lounge or vape bar would be a bit more accurate. I agree that a "vape area" might give the impression that it's created to protect other from vaping.

  4. Is it every person's right in a civilised society not to be offended?

    Isn't this the key question?

    And if it is, then it is only right and fair that not only vaping is singled out, but anything that offends?

  5. If the person offended is only offended because of their ignorance, why should the person pursuing an innocent activity have to curb their behaviour to satisfy the prejudices of the ignorant.
    If I were drinking a glass of water, and someone flipped because they believed it was vodka, should I be stopped drinking, or should the person who irrationally and unreasonably interfered in my right to go about my business unmolested be told to wind their neck in.
    I feel very strongly that vaping should be acceptable indoors & that people learn to accept that the visual similarity to smoke does not mean it carries their perceived risks of smoke itself.

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