Friday, 12 September 2014

Juice review: Steam Sauce - Deadeye by ePipeMods

The Steam Sauce range from ePipemods consists of no less than 15 different flavours. Some of you that has been following my blog for a while now has probably noticed that I'm trying to work my way through testing all of them and I've been quite impressed so far. I've already reviewed 4 of them (Airship, Transdimensional, Snozzle and Chrononaut) and every time I order some more Long Bottom Leaf I add a couple of new samples from this series to try out.

Now the turn has come to Deadeye, a juice the guys at ePipemods just describe as The Chololate Mint concoction! First of all, let me tell you that I absolutely love the After Eight chocolate, I could easily eat a whole box without taking a break. So of course I've tried my share of chocolate mint e-liquids as well... and I've been disappointed every time. I've actually come to the conclusion that even though I love chocolate, I simply don't like it very much in e-liquids. But, having only had positive surprises so far with the Steam Sauce range, I decided to give Deadeye a chance anyway. 

The main reason for this rather long introduction is that the actual review part of this review is going to be quite short. It took me about one second after I tasted this juice to realize what has been wrong with all the others: To much chocolate and not enough mint. Again, ePipemods proves they are masters of balancing tastes to perfection, adding enough mint for the chocolate to become delicious rather than slightly sickening. I guess most people have tried mint filled chocolate like After Eight so I'm not going to bother trying to describe the taste too much. I'll only say this: If you like mint filled chocolate (or love it, like I do), and are looking for an e-juice with the perfect balance of the two: This is it! Period! Pair it with a cup of coffee and it gets even better.



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