Friday, 21 March 2014

Review: Mini Aspire BDC Clearomiser and 390mAh ECig Tank Batteries from Smokers Angel

A couple of weeks ago my wife asked if I could get her something smaller to bring out and about than the Kanger Evod she has been using for a while now. I thought that I'd ask around a bit and find a decent cig-a-like for her. So I did, and James, who runs the excellent Ashtray Blog as well as the Smokers Angel web-shop told me that they had some new Mini Aspire BDC Clearomisers exclusively made for them. Match this up with a cool mini ego-style battery and you got a really small combo, perfect for bringing out and about. My wife was pretty set on a cig-a-like, but she also loves skulls, so when I saw the skull-batteries I thought why not give it a shot.

Now, I got the package about a week ago, filled it up with Long Bottom Leaf and gave it to my wife. She absolutely loved it and the Evod has been collecting dust since then. The size is perfect for bringing around, the batteries have the classic 5 click locking feature so you can safely keep it in your pocket and the clearomiser is pretty solidly built and we've had no leaking yet. In other words, this is perfect for bringing around, if you're going out just a short trip or you just don't vape that much, like my wife. I think she goes through like 1 ml a day if not less. As for myself, I go through around 3-5 ml a day so for me this would be more like an extra device to bring when I'm just going out for a couple of hours or to a party or something where I wouldn't want to bring the more expensive devices. Cause it's also quite affordable, the atty is £7 and the batteries £8 and you can buy a strip of 5 replacement coils for £8.

Size matters. Shown beside an Evod on
a VV 650mah battery, an Evod 650mah
and a 10ml juice bottle.
Now to the performance of this little thingy. I'm used to my genesis atomizers, and of course this doesn't give you the same flavour and vapor-production as the high end atties and mods. And I wouldn't expect it to either. That said, the first thing that hit me was that I thought it performed a lot better than the Evod. Fresh out of the box the flavour was clean and vapour-production was pretty great. Now my wife has been hugging it for a week and I just gave it a taste again and I can notice the difference of course, but it's still performing pretty well. Personally I would change the coil after a week, but that of course also depends on how much you use it and the juices you use. The Long Bottom Leaf is pure VG and tends to build up a bit on my genesis coils and muting the flavour pretty quickly, so I'd actually say I'm quite happy with the Mini Aspire coil lasting a week with that juice.

This is an awesome little combo, and I do actually think I'm going to get myself one as well when they get back in stock. For a medium to heavy vaper the battery size (and tank size if you don't want to bring a juice bottle) makes this an affordable extra device to bring out and about. For a light vaper it might be a main device. Looking at the different decorations available on the batteries I'd say some of them would definitively appeal to the ladies, and they also have their handbags with them at all times so it wouldn't be a problem to bring an extra battery and a small bottle of juice for a night out. This would also be a combo I'd recommend as a first device for a smoker who wants to try out e-cigarettes, due to the ease of use.... unless it's one of those who wants a cig-a-like no matter what. For those I'd let them get their cig-a-like and then offer to try this one out and I bet they go buy one as well. Thanks to James from The Smokers Angel who recommended this.

Lots of cool batteries to choose from, and something for the ladies as well


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