Friday, 14 March 2014

ECF Interviews Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos

ECF has done an excellent interview with Dr. Farsalinos that was posted yesterday. I highly recommend reading it as the good Dr. Farsalinos makes some excellent points, as usual. You can read it here:

I'm happy, but not very surprised, to see that he as well is ripping the latest studies that claims to prove the gateway argument apart, criticizing the questions asked, and saying the data really doesn't support the conclusions, like I discussed here yesterday. I got some comments on twitter yesterday, after my post on Dr. Obvious and his latest achievements, that it's good to see a normal vaper dismantling "scientific" journal papers. To be honest, the fact that "normal vapers" are able to, says a lot about the quality of this so called "science". As Dr. Farsalinos says: "You only need to check the numbers to see that the public statements they make after these studies are nonsense."

Another great point I'd like to mention is his answer to the people that are not happy with the e-cigarettes unless they are 100% risk free: "Do you know any medication that has no side effects? For example: Paracetamol is used the world over, but it’s the number one cause behind people ending their own lives. If you take just 10 tablets at once, you can develop acute liver necrosis." This is a very important point that I think needs to be made as often as possible in this debate. The medications, when used correctly, would help a lot of people, but could harm people (or even kill them) if you use them wrongly. The same thing goes for e-cigarettes, it is quite possible, although close to impossible unless you really try, to harm yourself with them. But that doesn't mean they shouldn't be available to the people they are intended for, the smokers. This is is again just common sense, something Dr. Farsalinos, unlike certain other "scientists", has a lot of.


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