Saturday, 29 March 2014

Juice review: Steam Sauce - Transdimensional by ePipeMods

Last time I ordered a new batch of one of my favourite juices, the Long Bottom Leaf, from ePipeMods, I included a couple of newcomers as well. I've already reviewed the Piper Mint here: The second newcomer was Transdimensional from ePipeMods fairly new range of non-tobacco juices called Steam Sauce.

"The Marty McFly of eliquids; a grape so intense, it exists in multiple dimensions". 

This is the description ePipeMods have for this Juice on their webpage. It is indeed a pretty intense grape juice, but at the same time, as always from ePipeMods, very well balanced. I was afraid that grape might be a bit too sweet for me, but it's not. You get tons of flavour, perfect amount of sweetness and huge amount of vapour as usual with the ePipeMods juices. Now I haven't tried any other grape e-liquids so I don't have anything to compare with, but my experience is that quite a lot fruit juices have that artificial taste to them. Transdimensional however doesn't have that at all. Another problem with a lot of the fruit juices I've tried is that it really tastes more like a blend of different fruits rather than the fruit they are actually meant to taste like. This as well makes Transdimensional stand out from the crowd, it actually tastes grape. 

This juice, being the second one from the Steam Sauce range that I've tried, have raised my expectations for the rest of them. And I do plan to taste them all. EPipeMods keep on delivering high quality juices that never disappoints me. The problem, however, with this new Steam Sauce range, is that it has no less than 14 juices to choose from. Now I have 12 to go and no idea which one to choose next.


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