Saturday, 15 March 2014

Juice Review: Pipe Sauce - Piper Mint by ePipeMods

Piper Mint is the newest addition to the Pipe Sauce range from ePipeMods. I've been a fan of the Long Bottom Leaf from the same range from the moment I first tasted it and I always seem to have one of my atties filled with LBF wherever I go (and my wife vapes LBF exclusively now).

Piper Mint tastes like it's based on the same tobacco tastes that I know from Long Bottom Leaf and Shire Malt, but this time with a hint of mint/menthol on top. It's a very subtle hint that doesn't kill the tobacco tastes but adds a nice slightly cooling sensation on the inhale and the mint comes a bit more to the front on the exhale. Fantastically well balanced juice that gives you kind of a gentle mint and a slight cooling sensation on top of what I suspect might be a mix of Long Bottom Leaf and Shire Malt (try out these 2 as well if you haven't yet... they are fantastic). This is definitely a juice I would recommend you try out, especially if you're already a fan of the range.

Piper Mint fits very well into the range with the other juices as well. The whole range has some common elements that tie them together, so you're instantly able to tell that they are from the same range without ever having tasted the juice before. Now I have only tried one of the juices from the new Steam Sauce range (which is ePipeMods new non-tobacco range); the Airship (read my review here: But... I have a new bottle of Transdimensional here that I'm now really looking forward to try out. I wonder if they have managed to make the Steam Sauce range as constantly awesome as the Pipe Sauces?

You can get the Piper Mint and all the other fabulous juices from ePipeMods in their own webshop or from one of their many vendors:


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