Friday, 25 November 2016

Review: Goblin Mini V3 by UD

The Goblin Mini tanks by UD (or Youde) have been some of my favourite mini tanks. I have both the V1 and the V2, and I've loved them both. Have to admit that the V2 has been used a lot more than the V1, simply because it has top filling. In my opinion these are pretty much equal when it comes to building (takes some trial and error to get the right amount of cotton), flavour and of course capacity, but of course ... you don't need to bring a screwdriver to fill the V1. For me the filling mechanism on the V1 is the reason I haven't used it as much as the V2. Now, it's time to try out the V3.

In the box
    • Goblin Mini V3, dual coil velocity style deck installed
    • Stainless Steel drip tip
    • Optional delrin drip tip with heat resistant top cap cover
    • Spare Pyrex glass tank section
    • Allen key
    • Single coil deck
    • Spares pack with o-rings and screws

        • 22mm diameter, 33mm height (without drip tip and 510 connector)
        • 2ml juice capacity
        • Stainless steel and pyrex glass
        • Dual coil and single coil deck included
        • Velocity style decks
        • Adjustable juice flow
        • Bottom airflow control
        • Top filling
        • Anti-spitback
        • 4ml extension tube available

          Look and feel

          This little thing look pretty good in my opinion. Quite simple design with the logo printed on the chamber section inside the tank and only some indicators for the juice-flow and air-flow on the outside. Not that there is much space to print anything else on there. The spare top o-rings are different colours from the original one so you can spice up the looks with some colour if you like that. The threading is nice and smooth and the whole thing feels pretty solidly built. Available in stainless steel and black, and I think you'll be able to get pyrex tubes in different colours as well.

          In use

          Let's start out with the build decks, cause they're awesome and a big improvement from the V1 and V2 in my opinion. The dual-coil deck is a velocity style deck, which I love, and the single coil deck is... well pretty much the same style except they've moved the posts to one side so there is only one air-hole in the deck. The post holes are big enough to fit some pretty thick clapton wire, so no limitations here. If you push the limit of the post holes you probably won't be able to fit the coil in the chamber anyway. It is pretty easy to build on both decks, I've been running both single and dual claptons in there. I also feel it's more forgiving when it comes to the amount of cotton you need to put in there to avoid leaks. Both the V1 and the V2 have some problems with this if you don't put enough cotton in there, and they struggle with wicking if you put in too much, so you need to be pretty spot on. On the V3 I've had no problems with wicking even on quite high wattages and 100% VG juice, and I've had no leaking issues at all.

          To change the deck you need to unscrew the center pin and just pull the deck out. There's a system to make sure the deck is correctly aligned with the juice canals so it's no problem getting the decks lined up correctly. The juice flow control system will automatically open when you screw the atty onto a mod, and you just twist it slightly back again to close it, so it will also close when you unscrew the atty from your mod. Works great if you ask me. I only have it on fully open or fully closed though, as the juices I vape are usually at least 50% VG. It might be useful to close the juice flow down a bit if you have very thin juices, I don't know, never tried it.

          The airflow is also improved a bit from the previous Goblin Mini versions. It is
          now slightly raised from the bottom of the tank, so it is a lot easier to adjust it. Fully open it gives more than enough air for proper direct lung hits and I've been running it on wattages up to 60ish with no problems. There is also an optional delrin drip-tip included that will also cover the top cap so you don't burn your lips if you crank up the watts and the tank gets pretty hot. I've been using the V3 mostly on like 35ish watts so I haven't felt the need to use the delrin tip though.

          The top filling is nice and easy with huge fill holes so you can just pour the juice in there from pretty much any bottle you like. Works great. The juice capacity isn't huge though... only 2ml compared to the 3ml of the first two versions. I guess this might have something to do with the TPD, but also the build decks and chamber are a bit bigger on this one. You can, however, buy an extension tube, doubling the capacity.

          There is also a spit-back protection system than should be mentioned. It consists of a small part that you screw into the chamber from the inside. I thought it looked like a pain to get in there but it was actually quite easy. Just use your allen key or something like that, stick into one of the holes and use it to tighten the thing. With this installed I've experienced no spit back at all, so it seems to work. However... I didn't have any spit back problems before I installed it either... so to be honest I'm not sure it's needed. Guess it might depend on your build.


          Great flavour and great vapor production. Simple as that. I liked the flavour of the first versions and I don't think this one stands back compared to those. Among the configurations I've tried I think I like a single coil Clapton the best, but also a dual twisted setup have given me great flavour. One of my favourite tanks when it comes to flavour lately have been the serpent mini, and the V3 is almost as good in my opinion. If not as good... haven't really decided yet, guess I need to test them with similar single coil builds to make up my mind.

          Pros and cons

          + Great flavour and
          + Nice airflow control and juice flow control
          + Easy to use and clean
          + Great build decks
          + Size
          - Juice capacity


          To me, the V3 wins over the V1 and V2 in all other aspects than juice capacity. This is the reason I'll hang on to my V2 as well. Then again, the top filling on the V3 is very good so it's still a good option to bring out and about. Priced at around $30 (NOK 263,20 at right now, 20% off until monday it seems) it's worth every penny if you ask me.

          Thanks a lot to Dag Einar at for making this review possible.

          • All my reviews are my honest opinion even if I am affiliated with the company manufacturing or selling the product.
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