Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Review: Wotofo Serpent Mini 25mm RTA

Last summer when I went to Denmark on vacation I had some time to kill one day so I decided to see if I could find a vape shop. I did... and needless to say I ended up buying something. This something was a Serpent Mini and another Minivolt to go with it, and this little setup has become one of my favourites lately. The Serpent Mini produces just excellent flavour and decent vapor on pretty low wattages, I usually run it around 20-25W on a 0.8 ohm build, which is great since the Minivolt actually lasts quite a while. Today I'm reviewing what you might call the Serpent Mini's big brother, the Serpent Mini 25mm RTA. The name of this feels kind of weird to me though... I mean it's really not that mini. Then again, it looks very similar to the Serpent Mini, with a lot of the same features. It's just bigger... so there is room for some more of the good stuff.

In the box
    • Serpent Mini 25mm RTA with single coil deck installed.
    • Dual coil velocity style deck
    • Pack of spare o-rings and a multi-tool
    • Pack of Japanese Organic Cotton
    • Pack of Wotofo Comp Wire (3 pre-made twisted coils)
    • Spare glass tank
    • User manual 
        • 25mm diameter, 48mm height
        • 4.5ml juice capacity
        • Dual coil and single coil deck included
        • Adjustable airflow control
        • Top filling

          Look and feel

          As I said, the 25mm edition of the Serpent Mini looks pretty much like the original on steroids. Same external design, clean with just the name engraved on the top cap. Nothing to fancy, and I like that. I've got the Stainless Steel version of this and I'm happy with that actually. My original Serpent Mini is black... or at least was black when I bought it. Now it's kind of a mix between black and SS :) I guess the SS version won't have this problem. I have to say though, that my original has been used a lot and has just been carried in my pockets when I'm out and about.

          In use

          As with the Goblin Mini that I reviewed last time, the Serpent Mini 25 also comes with two different decks, one for single coil builds and one velocity style deck for dual coils. Switching between these are pretty damn easy, you simply unscrew them from the base. There is an o-ring there however that you need to make sure does not disappear. It's quite loose and easily comes off.

          You will recognise the single coil deck from the original Serpent Mini if you've tried that. I for one find this deck pretty easy to build on, just make sure you keep your coil a bit elevated so it doesn't touch the base of your deck. When wicking it I prefer to just keep the knurled ring, that kind of keeps your wicks in place, on a all times and just use a pincer to stuff your wicks down there on both sides. The dual-coil deck is also a dream to build on... well it's not really a surprise since it's a velocity style deck, which is my preferred style of decks atm. The post holes are 2 mm which I'd say is sufficient for my use at least. Wouldn't build with any thicker wire in this atty anyway.

          The top filling is excellent with huge fill holes and a top cap with nice smooth threading. Same goes for the airflow control, nice and smooth and plenty of air when fully open.

          The whole thing is easy to take apart and clean. You can also unscrew the base and re-build your atty without emptying the tank first. Pretty much standard stuff on these kind of atties these days I'd say.


          You can, obviously, fit some bigger and more crazy builds in the 25mm version of the Serpent Mini than you can in the original. Which means you can hit it with some more wattage, producing more vapor. Still, I think the flavour is just excellent, as it was in the original. I like it both in dual and single coil setups. As always with an RTA, the performance depends on your build, but I really like the flavour that the twisted coils that come in the box produces. This goes for both single and dual coil setup. Since this is a 25mm atty you'd probably end up using it with a quite powerful mod, which means you can do some more crazy builds and hit it with quite a lot of power for some huge clouds, but you can also go more easy on it and have an all day build that won't empty your tank in a flash.
          Pros and cons

          ++ Great flavour and vapor production
          + Dual and single coil decks
          + Easy to use and clean
          - That loose o-ring on the build decks that tends to disappear when you're changing decks.


          It's tempting to compare this one to it's little brother, the original Serpent Mini, of course. Still, this 25mm version is a lot bigger and you will probably end up using it differently. The original is still superb for small, lower wattage setups, while this one is more ideal for bigger setups, either for huge clouds and lots of power, or for long lasting all day builds. The flavour however, is excellent on both of them. You can get the 25 mm edition for around $30-35ish (NOK 319 at dampevarer.no), making it a great buy if you ask me. I've used mine a lot since I got it.

          Thanks a lot to Dag Einar at dampevarer.no for sending me this atty for review.

          • All my reviews are my honest opinion even if I am affiliated with the company manufacturing or selling the product.
          • This product was sent to me for free for the purpose of this review.
          • This review does not contain affiliate links.


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