Saturday, 12 November 2016

Review: Good RDA by 528 Custom Vapes

I don't usually use drippers much, not because I don't like it but rather because I'm not sitting down much I guess. I don't spend much time a home and when I go out I usually grab some device that I can use while I drive somewhere. I don't think it's particularly safe to drip and drive :) Although I am aware that there are solutions to this. I do own a few drippers though, they just don't get used that much. Nevertheless I still put drippers on my mental lists of vaping gear that I'd like to try out, and the Goon from 528 Customs have been one of those for a while. Mostly because it looks like a lot of fun to build on and try out some high wattage vaping.

In the box
    • Actually my Goon did not come in a box at all, but in a nice cloth pouch
    • Goon RDA
    • Black delrin wide-bore drip tip
    • Spare o-rings and screws

        • 24 mm diameter, 34 mm height (including drip tip)
        • Adjustable airflow (1-6 x 3 mm airholes can be opened or closed as you wish)
        • Gold plated bridge post and steel clamps
        • Deep juice well

          Look and feel

          I've got the Stainless Steel version of the Goon and I think it looks great. It has got the 528 logo engraved on one side and a really nice clean finish. It's pretty heavy, making it feel solidly built and all the parts fit nicely together with no gaps or anything like that. Great quality.

          In use

          The build deck on the Goon is kind of different than what I've come across earlier. I'm a big fan of velocity style decks, cause they are really easy to build on. However the builds you can put on a velocity deck are limited by the size of the wire holes. On the Goon, with it's clamp-style deck, you can put in almost every kind of insane wires you can imagine. If you can't fit your wire into the Goon terminals, chances are you'll have problems bending it at all.

          Building on the Goon is a bit harder than on a velocity style deck in my opinion. At least when it comes to dual-coil builds. But it's by no means a hard deck to build on, it just takes a little more practice. The issue with dual-coils is of course getting one coil to stay in place while mounting the others, cause you can't tighten the clamps down until both coils are in place. One trick I got from the almighty internet is to position the first coil around where you want it and then bend the leads upward to make it stay in place. This also makes it a bit easier to cut them when you're done.

          The juice well is quite a deep one on the Goon. 5.25 mm according to the
          internet. This means you can vape for quite a while before you have to drip again. Of course... this all depends on your build.

          The airflow control is also quite nice. You twist the middle tube to position the 6 air holes, 3 on each side so the air will hit your coils. Then you twist the top cap to open or close the holes, either closing off holes completely or leaving them partially open. The top cap has 9 holes in total. This enables you to leave one side completely closed for your single coil builds.


          When it comes to performance I'd say it all comes down to your build. I've tried fused claptons, normal claptons and plain dual 24g kanthal. I'd say it performs best when you build for quite a bit of heat. Running a dual fused clapton build of around 0.15 on 100-150W gave me huge clouds (of course) and the flavour wasn't bad at all. In fact.. I loved it. The thing is, this atty allows for all kinds of crazy builds which can result in all kinds of performance tweaks whether you're after flavour or vapor production. I actually ordered some huge hand made coils that I can't even remember the name of just to put in this... just because I can.

          Pros and cons

          + Great performance
          + Nice airflow control
          + Deep juice well
          + Can fit the most insane builds you can think of
          + Easy to build on once you get the hang of it but...
          - Requires a bit of training/research
          - Not really a con, but you need a quite powerful mod for this so not suited for low power vaping.


          A good quality atomizer that will allow you to play around with some pretty cool builds. If that is your thing... I'd say go for it. It's priced around £60 at, which I think is totally worth it.

          Thanks to for sending me this atomizer for the purpose of this review.

          • All my reviews are my honest opinion even if I am affiliated with the company manufacturing or selling the product.
          • This product was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review
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