Sunday, 26 June 2016

Juice Review: Encore - An Isfahani Blend by Black Note

And please don't hesitate to send me any new creation you come up with... so far they only keep getting better and better. Thanks :)
These were the final words in my review of Black Notes' Quartet a couple of months ago. I'm happy to say they did send me a sample of their new creation, Encore. As I said, I've been mighty impressed by the Black Note range of N.E.T e-liquids so the bar is raised pretty damn high already.

Encore - An Isfahani Blend
Tested on Wismec Theorem (0.3 ohm notch coil @ 30-50 watts)
Encore mesmerizes the senses with a uniquely robust yet slightly sweet, honey-like flavor distinctive to the Ajami Tombac grown in Isfahan, Iran. The oriental environment gives rise to a complex, aromatic experience generated by the release of a rich bouquet of resins and ethereal oils. Ajami has been a delight of taste and aroma for centuries one you'll want to savor again and again.
Black Note really puts some effort into writing descriptions of their juices... as well as everything else they do to be honest. It is one of the things that have impressed me with this company, the effort they put into presenting their products and their very professional attitude shines through in a very informative an well designed web-page. I guess it is this passion and perfectionism that have enabled them to create some of the best tobacco e-juices I have tasted so far. The Encore, of course, is no exception. It is, as they say, a very robust tobacco flavour with quite a bit of sweetness to it. It's sweetness is not overpowering in any way though, and it has a pretty strong tobacco flavour but it has just enough hints of flowery honey in there to make it a quite smooth tobacco juice. It is indeed one of my favourites among the Black Note juices (and that says a lot). A must try for all tobacco lovers. Again, I'll have to encourage the people at Black Note to keep sending me samples of their new creations :)

Thanks a lot to Black Note for sending me this juice for review.

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