Sunday, 10 July 2016

Review: Ijoy Limitless RDTA

The Ijoy Limitless RDTA is the result of some cross-border teamwork by Chinese Ijoy and California based Limitless Mod Co. A "genesis" style type of tank, like the Geekvape Avocado and Wismec Theorem, which I recently reviewed. Just by looking at pictures of this device you immediately recognise some of the design concepts from the Theorem, some from the Avocado and then some new stuff that might be an effort to solve issues with the other devices. Now I haven't had the pleasure of trying out the Avocado yet but I've read that filling it in dual-coil configuration have been something people have struggled with, and as I said in my Theorem review the filling could have been easier. So on the Ijoy Limitless RDTA they've done things a bit differently.

In the box
  • The Ijoy Limitless RDTA
  • Spare parts (O-rings and screws)
  • Allen key
  • Two pre-built coils

  • 51.2mm height, 24.2mm diameter
  • 4ml juice capacity
  • Velocity style 2-post build-deck (dual 2mm post holes)
  • Gold-plated positive pin
  • 4 wicking ports
  • Side filling
  • Dual slotted adjustable airflow (twist the delrin top-cap to adjust)

Look and feel

Not sure what to say about the looks of this one to be honest. It doesn't look bad,
but then again it doesn't have that clean look that some of the traditional tanks. The black version I think is the one that looks best... kind of tidier if you see what I mean, since the o-rings and the top cap is black on both versions. Now there is a set of red o-rings included in the package but I don't think that would look better. But as I said, it's not horrible and it has something about the look of it that makes me think this thing will try to blow my socks off... and that is not far from the truth either. It feels pretty solid and it doesn't have a bunch of parts that can be lost or broken so that's good.

In use

If you have some experience with rebuildables you'd find the Limitless RDTA very easy to use. You have a big velocity style deck to build on and wicking it is really simple as well. Once you've pulled your wicks through the coil you just pull both ends downwards so they lay nicely in the juice-ports before you screw the middle section on. I find it easiest to juice them up a bit before I do this to make them stay in the juice ports. When it comes to the length of the wicks people do this a bit differently. I've tried cutting them so they barely touch the bottom of the base and I've tried cutting them so they come down to where the top of the base stops. Both works very well, but cutting them a bit shorter will make more room for juice and it will be a bit quicker to refill. I know some people even cut them at the top of the glass and I'll probably try that as well later on. Now I haven't really experimented that much with wick length but I think the optimal length depends on personal preference and vaping style. The shorter you cut your wicks the more you have to tilt it to wet the wicks when you start running lower on juice, but you'll have more juice capacity in total. Also, it's a pretty thirsty atomizer that can handle a lot of power, so if you want to test the limits of if you might want longer wicks to make sure you don't vape them dry on one hit... which I think might be possible, even if I haven't tried it. When it comes to the build deck the only thing I have to complain about is the post holes, they could have been slightly larger to allow for more extreme coils. 2mm is a bit small. Then again, I see they've already made the holes on the "Plus" edition of this atomizer 2.5mm.

The side filling system works pretty well if you ask me. Just take of your top
sleeve and you can access the fill hole which is pretty big and can be filled with basically any bottle type available. There are two o-rings keeping the top sleeve in place, one below and one above the fill hole, so it's sealed properly when the cap is on. I've had no leaking problems. As I said, if you cut the wicks so they don't hit the bottom of your base, it will fill up pretty quickly. If your have more cotton in there you might have to be a bit more patient to allow the juice to flow and fill up the whole tank. These o-rings are tight enough to allow me to lift the atty and a Lost Vape Efusion DNA200 mod straight up when holding just the top sleeve, but I don't have to use a lot of force to get it off, just a finger on the mod and it comes of easily.

You can control the airflow by twisting the delrin top-cap. Fully open there is plenty of airflow to allow for really high powered builds. If you want limit your airflow you might want to twist the whole top sleeve a bit too, to line up the smaller hole with your coils. The knurling on the top cap makes it easy to twist.  Really easy to use, and works great.

Finally, cleaning this thing is a piece of cake. It comes apart easily, no tools required (except the allen key if you want to take out your coils), and there is really no corners you can't get to.


This thing is a monster. I just tried it on 200W with some pre-built clapton coils I got from Pilot vape (these)... huge clouds, no dry hits and a high risk of nicotine headache. I also tried the twisted coils that came with the device on 150W and that worked fine as well... with the same risks. So yeah, this thing can handle a lot of power. But it also tastes really great. Personally I like to keep it on something like 70-80ish watts, depending on the build of course, and the airflow about one third open. You'll still get pretty big clouds, but also a huge amount of clean flavour. I have to say I'm very impressed with how well this thing performs.

Pros and cons 

++ Flavor
++ Vapor production
++ Fun and versatile device
+ Ease of use
- 2mm post holes, could have been 2.5mm


When I was in the store pondering which tank I was going to try out I asked one of the guys working there... which one is the most fun. The answer was this one, by far. And he was right. Well of course I wouldn't know how much fun I would have had with the other options... but the Ijoy Limitless is definitely a lot of fun. Very easy to build on, lots of opportunities and fantastic performance. A great choice in my opinion. Price wise it's in the same area as it's competitors I guess (NOK 349,- at Worth every penny.

Thanks a lot to Birger at for making this review possible.

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