Monday, 6 June 2016

Review: Bachelor Nano by EHPro

EHPro is another well known manufacturer that I for some reason never got around to try out. I remember a lot of my fellow Norwegian vapers praising the Billow when it came out, and I see the Bachelor also has gained quite some popularity. Today I've got the nano-version of the Bachelor up for review. A single coil, post-less design, quite different from how I'm used to build as I have to admit I've fallen in love with dual coils on velocity style decks.

In the box
  • The Bachelor Nano
  • Spare Glass
  • Spare (blue) o-rings
  • Spare screws 
  • User manual
  • Allen key
  • 0.5 ohm NiCr ROC coil with cotton (installed)
  • 0.2 ohm Ni200 ROC coil with cotton

        • Pyrex and Stainless steel
        • Top Filling
        • 2ml Juice Capacity
        • Bottom Airflow control
        • Juice flow control
        • Post-less build deck
        • 23 mm diameter, 62.5 mm height

        Look and feel

        The Bachelor Nano looks... well pretty ordinary to be honest. It has it's name
        written on the top-cap, indication of which way to turn to open and close juice-flow written at the bottom section and indication of which way to twist the top-cap to open written on top. Other than that it's just stainless steel, pyrex and black o-rings. Nothing too fancy, a lot of tanks look quite similar, but that doesn't mean it looks bad. I think it look nice. Simple and clean. Although the name would have been enough to be honest, you really don't need those arrows telling you which way to turn things as it's pretty obvious once you start using it. Decent weight so it feels quite solid.

        In use

        Using the Bachelor Nano is quite a pleasure. It's very well built and the solutions they've gone for is well thought out and well implemented. Let's just go through it from top to bottom:
        • The driptip that comes with it is a combined delrin and stainless steel wide
          bore tip. I guess the delrin at the bottom is there mainly to avoid the tip heating up... and that works well. You can also use your own favourite driptip if you prefer that.
        • The top filling is excellent if you ask me. You kind of just slide the top to the side, just as you'd do on the SMOK TFV tanks. Two fill holes that are big enough to fit the tip of a typical plastic juice bottle. Since there is two holes the air easily gets out when you fill so it's fast and careless.
        • The juice flow control is also very good and very smooth. When you screw your tank on a mod all the way it will naturally open (if you hold it in the top section of the tank at least). Twist the top slightly back again and it will close. This also means that it will naturally close when you unscrew the atty from the mod, or if you want to open it up and rebuild it or fix a problem (like a gunked up coil). You can actually refill this tank with the bottom section (with the build-deck and all) taken out. Great solution if you ask me.
        • The airflow control is nice and smooth as well. I can easily adjust it using just one finger, that's how smooth it is. Two slots of something like 2 mm times 10 mm on opposite sides gives you a lot of air if you want that and they can be closed as much as you like.
        • The build deck... is quite different from what I'm used to. It's a post-less design where you just stick the legs of your coil into two little holes in the deck and then tighten some screws in the side. This means that there is a limit to how thick your wire can be. I've tried it with at 26/32 clapton coil and that is about the maximum thickness it can handle. I find it easiest to cut the cotton to the right length after I've mounted the coil... just cut down along the side wall of the deck. I guess the first times you build on this deck you should keep the original coil that came with it as a template to see how long your legs need to be, but with time you'll probably just wing it, at least if you use the tank a lot.
        All in all I'd say this tank is very easy to use and an excellent first tank for people who wants to try out RTA. Building is very easy and you can also buy pre-built, pre-wicked coils. The Bachelor is designed for single coil, and I can't imagine how you'd be able to fit more in there. As for leaking issues, I haven't had any major problems. Actually I've had very little problems with this tank compared to some others. Fill it with the juice flow holes close and you're usually fine. As it is an RTA where you're kind of responsible for the amount of cotton in there yourself, it will never be completely leak proof though. If you put too little cotton in there (you might need more with thinner juices), or it for some reason is not covering the whole wick-slot, it will leak through the bottom, since... well juice will run down the airhole below the coil.

        The 2 ml capacity might be an issue for some people. You can build this tank in a way that makes it quite thirsty so you'll need to refill quite often. Then again, refilling is very easy, but if you're bothered by that you could also opt for the original non-nano version of the Bachelor that, from what I've read is basically a longer version with a 4 ml tank.


        I think it performs great. Great flavour and great vapor production, also from the pre-built coils that came with it. In my opinion my 26/32 clapton tastes even better. Being a re-buildable, the performance of this tank depends a lot on how you build it, but the airflow and chamber-design is good so it's up to your builds to get the most out of this tank, but as I said, the pre-built ones are very good as well. I would however have liked to see more options when it comes to pre-built coils as it would make it more of an alternative to traditional sub-ohm tanks.

        Pros and cons

        + Great flavour
        + Easy to re-fill
        + Easy to re-wick
        - Juice capacity (for some people)
        - Could have had more options when it comes to pre-built coils, only 0.5 ohm NiCr and 0.2 ohm Ni200 available.


        A great little RTA from EHPro I'd say. For beginners I'd say it's a great start if you'd like to try out an RTA for the first time, but more experienced users will also be happy with the great performance and ease of use. It's priced usually around $30 (299,- NOK at here in Norway) which is not bad at all. A lot of flavour for your money if you compare it to most sub-ohm tanks available which would be comparable price-wise. The pre-built coils available are really cheap as well costing around $2.50 for 10, making it quite an economic choice indeed. Add to this that it tastes better than most sub-ohm tanks I'd highly recommend trying it out, even if you're not going to experiment with building your own coils.

        Thanks a lot to Ramzy at for sending me the Bachelor Nano for review.

        • All my reviews are my honest opinion even if I am affiliated with the company manufacturing or selling the product. 
        • The product reviewed was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review.
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