Monday, 2 May 2016

Juice Review: Zest and Moz by Yogg Lyfe

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed two of the juices from Yogg Life's yogurt based range of e-liquids, the Zabadi and Poz. I was quite happy with them, and have been looking forward to trying out the last two. It was with somewhat fearful joy I opened these bottles and filled my tanks, since they both contain banana, a flavour that in my opinion can easily be done wrong and become quite sickening. If done right, however, it can be fabulous. Let's see.

Tested on: Steamcrave RDTA (0.3 Ohm Dual horizontal Clapton, 50-60 watts)
As Yogg themselves say, the Moz is a bit different than the other three juices in the range, because it's not only yogurt and fruit. It is supposed to be a banana cake in yogurt. Sounds kind of weird to me, but apparently weird works. I can't really say I smell the cake, smells like ripe, sweet banana. Vaping it, however, reveals the cake, and as I said... the cake really works. I'm thinking mostly banana cake, with loads of sweet, ripe bananas and some cinnamon notes when I vape this juice... not so much yogurt. But I guess the yogurt is still there giving it a creamy feeling as well that I can't really explain otherwise. I really liked this one, might be my favourite of the four, and unless you really really hate bananas I'd say it's a must try juice.

Tested on: Steamcrave V-RDA + Squonker (0.4 Ohm Dual Clapton, 50-60 watts)

In the Zest the banana is accompanied by passion fruit and pineapple aiming for an exotic, tropical flavour. It sure smells exotic and tropical... and tastes like it as well. Pretty spot on and true to the description I'd say. The pineapple is delicious in combination with the bananas and yogurt that kind of makes it a bit more mellow without removing all the sting from it. A really well balanced, creamy and exotic juice that hits its target spot on. My fear of overpowering and sickening bananas in the Yogg range has been proven unfounded after trying these two juices.

Thanks again to UKEcigstore for sending me these juices for review.

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