Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Juice Review: The Druid's Brew, whole range

I remember Druids Brew from Vapepit back in 2013 (I think). A lot of people were talking about the fantastic Bread of Heaven back then and I also got to try it, but I don't think I ever got around to write a review... don't know why really. Anyway, I talked to Paul again not long ago and he offered to send me all three juices in the Druid's Brew range as soon as the new Crow Black was released. So here we go:

Bread of Heaven 
Tested on: Steamcrave Supreme RDTA (Dual Horizontal Clapton @ 0.35 ohms, 60 watts)
People struggle a bit to describe this juice, and I'm no exception. To me different flavour notes seems to pop up and disappear out of the blue almost every time I pick it up, while other notes and flavours stay the same. It is a tobacco vape, quite sweet and somewhat spicy without being able to tell you what spices. I some times get the feeling there is honey and malt in there which makes sense, especially for the malt as I seem to recognize some of the notes from Long Bottom Leaf an Shire Malt by Epipemods. Then I some times get citrus on the exhale. This juice has been around for quite a while now (2013 I think) and people seem to either love it or hate it... with the love group being the largest one, or at least loudest. I think it is a fantastic juice that keeps throwing me little surprise parties all the time.

Crow Black

Tested on: Steamcrave Supreme RDTA (Dual Horizontal Clapton @ 0.35 ohms, 60 watts)

The newest addition to the range is described as "A medium-sweet, creamy pudding vape with a dark twist." Like the Bread of Heaven it is kind of a mysterious juice and not that easy to pin down all the different flavours. I guess the base is a pretty sweet creamy vanilla pudding of some kind, but there is also some spices there that creates the whole mystery. You're left wondering what on earth you are vaping. I get hints of caramel as well maybe, but also some times I think I can taste ginger or even cinnamon bread. Quite a mystery this one, and definitely unique, but once you give up on figuring out what you're vaping and just enjoy it, it is indeed a great juice that goes especially well with black coffee. I'm quite sure you'll pick up other flavours than me if you try this one...

Snow Queen
Tested on: C.O.V Defiant tank (0.5 Ohm ceramic coil, 50-60 watts)

A menthol tobacco blend. Tastes quite sweet and in my opinion maybe more mint than menthol. It haven't got that insane cooling sensation that you get from very strong menthol, but more of a mellow, sweet, warm mint. No insane throat hit, but a nice little bite at the back of your throat. It also got some unique flavours to it, might be some hints of citrus or floral flavours, and I also pick up some kind of herbal flavours. I suspect you'll find quite a few of the same ingredients that you find in Bread of Heaven in this as well, and this gives it the unique, kind of undefinable character that made me love the Bread of Heaven. Very well balanced and probably the best menthol/mint tobacco I've ever tasted. An all day vape and definitely a juice you need to try out. Coming from me that's saying quite a lot as I'm not usually a big menthol tobacco fan. This juice though... fabulous and very very smooth. Try it!

Thanks a lot to Druid's Brew for sending me the juices for review, and also worth mentioning is that Druid's Brew offers a special deal for us Norwegians: To make sure we can safely order as much juice as possible below the customs limit, Druid's Brew has created a 70 ml package and a special discount code for us Norwegians. Now that's what I call taking care of your customers!

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