Friday, 20 May 2016

Breaking news: TPD could be stopped in the UK!

We got some good news today and again it comes from the UK: Lord Callanan has tabled a "fatal motion" in the house of lords today. I'm no expert in UK politics and how this works, but apparently this means there is a real chance that the TPD could be stopped in the UK. You can read more about it on the Ashtray blog in a guest post by Ian Gregory of Abzed and The 100k Campaign.
Unless Lord Callanan is forced by pressure from Downing Street to withdraw his motion there will be a debate and a vote. Under parliamentary rules if the Lords agree to this motion the statutory instrument implementing the TPD in the UK will fall. Such procedures are called “fatal motions” because the regulations get killed outright and do not go back to the Commons.
You can find even more links and info about it on, and there is a petition that I urge everyone to sign.

Again, my thanks go across the North Sea. If these efforts end with the TPD being stopped in the UK it will open a lot of eyes around Europe and we might see more political moves to stop it in other countries as well.

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