Monday, 21 September 2015

Read up on the TPD!

May 2016 is getting closer every day, and EU member states are preparing to implement the catastrophic TPD, a directive that will have huge impact on vaping as we know it and in will results in lives lost that could have been saved. There is still hope though, cause vapers and vaping advocates around the world are not ready to give up just yet. The first battle is pretty close, with Totally Wickeds legal challenge scheduled to be heard on 1st October 2015 at the Court of Justice of the EU.

So what can we vapers do then? Today I've come across a couple of great posts on the subject from 2 of the hardest fighting (and hardest hitting) vaping advocates we have, Clive Bates and Cristopher Snowdon. I highly recommend reading them both, and follow Christophers Snowdons request to share the information widely. So here you go:

13 Sins E-Liquid
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