Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Juice Review: Cream Berry by Perino London

Perino London is, surprisingly enough, born and based in London where they say they produce their handcrafted juices in small batches. From the looks of it they currently have a range of 8 juices, all of which look quite interesting if you ask me, except maybe the Rhubarb/Custard which ... well let's just say I'm not a big fan of Rhubarb. So when the guys at Electric Tobacconist asked me if I wanted to try out some juice from Perino I told them "sure, just not the Rhubarb, please".

Cream Berry
Tested on: Aspire Triton (0.4 ohms, 40 watts)

The Cream Berry is a "fusion of creams and custards masterfully brougth to life
with hints of strawberry". Smelling this juice I get more than just hints of strawberry but tasting it I can totally agree with Perino's own description. There is a lot of custards and maybe even more creams, and I only get hints of strawberry like they say. But it's still enough to make this different from say a standard vanilla custard, and I noticed you get more strawberry if you crank up the watts a bit. The berries freshens the whole thing up a bit. When it comes to vapor production this juice, being a 50/50 VG/PG juice produces a surprisingly big clouds of thick creamy vapour. It's quite thick as well, but I did not have any wicking issues on my Triton.

If I were to change anything in this juice it would be to put a bit more strawberries in there. I'd say if strawberry, creams and custards sounds like music in your ears, you should give this one a try. And I wouldn't at all mind trying out some of the other juices from Perino either, cause some of them looks quite exciting as I said.... just no Rhubarb for me please :)

Thanks to Electric Tobacconist for sending me these juices for review.


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  1. Ha, I tried Perino's rhubarb and custard at the Vape Expo and loved it (in fact, we are hoping to stock some of their e-liquids, if only because I want more!)

  2. You will find there's lot of custards and maybe more creams, and I only find hints of strawberry like that they say. But it's still enough to generate this different from say an ordinary vanilla custard, and I noticed you have more strawberry if you crank up the watts a bit.