Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Juice Review: Jack 3 & Suzy 6 by 13 Sins

13 Sins is a fairly new range of UK produced e-liquids. Well at least I had not heard of it until I was asked by ecigarettedirect if I wanted to try out a couple of these juices. I kind of like the whole design and concept behind 13 Sins, where each of the 13 flavours have their own piece of art by street artist Fin Dac linked to it, and printed on the label. Currently there's only 4 juices available from what I can see (, seems like they're releasing them in pairs.

So I like their design, website and story, and I like that they've published test results (for diacetyl and acetyl propionyl among other things) but what about the juices? From the descriptions on the website it looks like they're aiming for quite complex stuff, which, in my experience, can go both ways. Also, when mixing up quite a lot of flavours, there's a great chance you'll end up with a few opinions and some love/hate juices. Let's see.

Jack 3
Tested on: Hellfire v1 Dripper (0.4 ohms, around 25 watts)

"A powerfully moreish toffee popcorn punch, for lovers of all things dessert. The flavour combination is made up of a ripe and bruised banana undertone, and notes of coconut, caramel, raspberries and clotted cream."

I told you they we're aiming for quite complex juices. The quite funny thing is that when tasting this juice, while reading the description, I can taste all of those flavours, except maybe the raspberries. Smelling the bottle I might agree that there is some raspberries in there, but I can't really taste them. It got quite a lot of flavour and produces quite a lot of vapor (not unexpected as these are 40/60 PG/VG). The even funnier thing is, I expected that I'd either love or hate these juices ... but I don't. I like it, but I can't really say I love this one. Still it's a good all day vape, and I've got no problems recommending it. In fact I think it's definitely worth trying out, cause in a way it's very likeable. I guess I'd say it's probably more of a like/love juice than a hate/love juice.

Suzy 6
Tested on: Hellfire Raptor Dripper (0.55 ohms, 40-60 watts)

"A fruity burst of sweet candy zests, which will excite your taste buds. There are overtones of strawberry, watermelon, and raspberries, followed by a smooth, cream soda exhale with just a hint of freshness. Suzy is a silently seductive all day vape."

Again, quite a lot of flavours in there. And again I'm quite surprised that they manage to be so spot on in their description. I get the cream both on the inhale and exhale though, and also quite a lot of it, but that's a good thing in this juice. And I like the tingling soda feeling you get on the exhale. Quite an unusual combination this for me at least.... cream soda. Never even thought of it, but I like it. The balance of the flavours seem to change a bit with the heat as well in this juice. Turning up the watts mutes the fruits a bit and brings forth more of the cream, while turning down the watts will make it a bit fresher and more fruity. Quite consistently as well actually, so if you're vaping regulated you can choose whatever suits you the best at any given time. So do I love this juice? Well, I'd say I like it for now, but I do seem to like it more and more so maybe I'll end up loving it in a while. Also one to try out.

Judging by these 2 juices I'd say 13 Sins is worth keeping an eye on. As I said, looks like they've only released 4 of the 13 juices yet, and I'd say the 2 I haven't tried look quite interesting as well.

Thanks to ecigarettedirect for sending me these juices for review.

13 Sins E-Liquid
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