Thursday, 27 August 2015

Juice Review: Rhubarb Cuddle by Decadent Vapours

It's time for another review of one of Decadent Vapours new juices. Today's juice is one I don't think I would have been tempted to order by the name or description to be honest, mainly because I don't really care that much for rhubarb. But I've been surprised before, so who knows...

Rhubarb Cuddle

Tested on: Kanger Subtank (RDA @ around 0.4 ohms, 30 watts)

This juice is described by decadent vapours as "a warming embrace of tangy rhubarb paired with a generous dollop of sweet and creamy Crème Anglaise custard". I've already reviewed the Crème Anglaise, so that's a plus, and tasting the juice I can recognize the great custard notes from that juice. The rhubarb however, I still can't get myself to like. I mean it does not taste awful or anything, actually it's a lot better than I expected, it's just that I don't like rhubarb. I have no problems vaping this juice, but if I could choose the Crème Anglaise instead I definitely would, kind of in the same way I'd always choose  wheat buns (kind of a big thing here in Norway, sold on every gas station) without raisins over those with raisins if I'm given the choice. But I've got no problem eating the ones with raisins if the plain ones are sold out. You probably see what I mean by now :)

To me this juice is definitely true to the description, so if you, unlike me, think the description sounds tempting, I recommend giving it a try.

Thanks to Decadent Vapours for sending me the juice for review.

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  2. I found the Rhubarb Cuddle absolutely revolting. It was bitter and where reviewers find the creaminess is beyond me. The taste was chemical. I tested it in a Cubis 0,5ohm, TFV4 and Uwell Crown with 0,2ohm Notchcoil from CoilArt. The better the tank the worse it actually tasted. Never again.