Saturday, 29 August 2015

Juice Review: Bananacharma by Decadent Vapours

The last of the 5 juices Decadent Vapours sent me this time was the Bananancharma. I was really looking forward to trying this juice, cause it sure looks tempting by the description. I've tried a few banana based flavours now and it seems like this flavour is a bit hard to get right, a lot of them end up too sweet and sticky. Then again, Decadent Vapours have proven themselves to be quite good at making juices in my opinion so I'm hoping for the best.


Tested on: Kanger Subtank (RDA @ around 0.4 ohms, 30 watts)

Even though ice-cream is not mentioned in the description of this juice, the picture gives us quite a hint on what they are aiming for. Squeezing the bottle a bit you get the smell of banana and vanilla as promised by the description, and a feeling that DV once again is going to be quite accurate with their description.

The taste, in my opinion, is vanilla ice cream with a fresh, ripe banana on top. Pretty much exactly what I was hoping for when I saw the picture. As always well balanced, with a perfect amount of banana in there. As I said, banana flavours for me tend to end up to sweet and sticky. This is neither, but it's more of a natural banana flavour rather than candy banana. I mean I do like those banana candies as well, in fact they're one of my favourites, but in e-liquids I'd rather have a more natural banana like this one. So if you like a good banana split ice-cream, you need to try this one out.

Thanks to Decadent Vapours for sending me the juice for review.

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