Monday, 10 August 2015

Juice Review: Blackdrops by Decadent Vapours

As some might have noticed, I've been reviewing some of Decadent Vapours new flavours lately. The two first one's I tried were both creamy desert flavours, Crème Anglaise and Vanille Francaise. Now for something completely different.


Tested on: Kanger Subtank (RDA @ around 0.4 ohms, 30 watts)

Opening this bottle and smelling the juice gave me absolutely no surprises. Blackcurrant. I'm getting used to Decadent Vapours being spot on in their own description of their juices by now so vaping it was equally unsurprising, having read their description before I tried it: A powerfully fresh and fruity vape, reminiscent of mentholated blackcurrant lozenge. But this does not at all mean I'm bored with the juice. In fact I'm very satisfied that it taste exactly like that, cause it's a great flavour. And of course they've packed it full of flavour as usual. Loads of blackcurrant on the inhale, while the exhale gives me more of the menthol leaving me with a feeling I've got an extraordinary fresh breath. To me this is kind of an all year juice. It's refreshing on warm summer days, like we had at times while I've been in Denmark, but for me blackcurrant toddy is also kind of a traditional winter drink we usually bring when we go skiing. Now of course I haven't had the opportunity to try this one out in such a setting yet, but this juice kind of makes me want to add a hint of menthol to the toddy next time I go skiing. All in all another great, refreshing flavour from Decadent Vapours. Highly recommended.

Thanks to Decadent Vapours for sending me the juice for review.

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