Friday, 27 February 2015

Review: Salivape

Quite a while ago I did a review of Zamplebox, which as you probably know is a US based e-liquid subscription service. We're starting to see quite a few of these services now, and the idea is that you'll get a new pack of juices every month by signing up for a subscription. Some services will also send you some vaping gear to try out if you want that, but the main focus is usually e-juices.

Salivape is a UK based e-juice subscription service focusing on juices from the UK only. They also have a shop where you can go buy the juices without subscribing... in case you found a new favorite in your monthly pack.
An exciting new vape subscription service and online store whose sole purpose is to bring you the finest quality eLiquids from premium UK brands.
My first impression of Salivape was that these guys like to keep it simple, and that's not at all a bad start if you want to succeed with such a service I think. I mean, one of the main reasons you would subscribe to this service is that you don't want to spend your time online finding new juices to try out. As we all know there are a lot of juices to choose from and you can't just go ordering at random either, cause there's a lot of bad ones around as well. So what you would normally do is read some reviews, ask around and go search for vendors that sell those juices. This all takes a bit of time, so ... if you're considering a subscription service I guess what you are looking for is someone to do all the work for you and just get some good new juices straight to your doorstep every month. I think Salivape has understood this. Going into their website, which is also very simple and easy to navigate, it takes you 3 clicks (one of them selecting your preferred nicotine strength) and you're already redirected to Paypal. Salivape, as far as I understand, sends the same 5 juices to all their subscribers every month. There are no choices to be made with regards to whether you prefer this or that. I bet some people won't like this as they want to avoid certain flavor types, but personally I like it. I've been trying out a lot of juices lately and I've found that I often get surprised when it comes to what works as an e-juice and what doesn't. I've liked some flavors that I really didn't think I would like (and would never have ordered ... like rum), and I've been disappointed in others that I've had high hopes for (like most chocolate flavors). Now, I talked to Salivape about this and they will in fact let you take out Tobacco or Menthol flavours if you contact them and ask for it, but you might miss out on some goodies if you do. Ultimately, this idea of letting Salivape make all the choices, save nicotine strength, for you will appeal to some people, and not so much to some others. It's all a matter of personal preference.

Another thing Salivape has done well is their packaging. I got a nice little package wrapped in brown
paper, with some rope nicely tied around it and even a wax seal with the Salivape logo. It looks kind of like a gift... just for me. Great way to make it feel a bit personal, but the best thing about it is that it's small enough and thin enough to fit in your mailbox, which means you won't get a notice to go pick it up at the post office. You do actually get it delivered to your doorstep, at least here in Norway.

Price wise I guess Salivape is not bad either. The subscription, which will give you five 10ml bottles of juice, will cost you £24.99 (in the UK) or €36.50 (rest of Europe) every month (except the first that is £19.99 or €29.20) including shipping. Around £5 pr. 10ml bottle shipping included is not at all a bad price, so you might even save some money. They also plan to start sending to the US but that's currently "coming soon".

So what about the juices I got then? Are they any good? Well, I've only had time to try one of them yet, and I'm not going to write a complete review of every one of them here, cause that's not the point of this review. But I can say that if the rest of the juices are as good as the one I've tried, which was Lemon Meringue Pie from Avant Garde, they've really got some good quality juices in there. An absolutely lovely juice that one. Reviews I've read of juices from the vendors Salivape works with also point in that direction. On their webpage they have listed Digby's, T-Juice, Bumblebee, Chefs Vapour, Generals Juices and Manabush and since I got a juice from Avant Garde I guess this list is growing as I write. The other juices this month were Black 'n' Blue from T-Juice, Twisted from Chefs Vapour, General Custard from Generals Juices and Hooligan from Digbys.

I must admit I do like this idea of subscribing to juice samples. I guess personally I wouldn't buy all my e-juice this way, cause I do have some favorites that I need to come back to. This is something I would do to get to try out new juices mainly, in addition to buying other places. So 50 ml a month is actually quite a good amount for me as it would make a nice mix of new juices and old favorites every month. As I said, I also like their simple approach and I love the packaging, so I'd say Salivape is a great option if you're looking for an e-juice subscription service. You can also cancel your subscription at anytime so it won't cost you much to try it out and see if you like it this way.


  • All my reviews are my honest opinion even if I am affiliated with the company manufacturing or selling the product. 
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