Friday, 20 February 2015

First Norwegian E-juice hits the international market

That's right! It's now possible to buy Norwegian e-juice for people outside Norway as well, as Steamer Elixire was recently made available through I asked Roger, the guy responsible for this juice, a little about how he got into mixing and how his juices ended up on the international market.

To make a long story short (Roger sent me quite a detailed story) he discovered vaping through friends a little over a year ago, starting out like we all do with poor equipment and looking for juices that actually taste good. But unlike a lot of us, who are still trying out new juices after like ... 3 years now, Roger figured that the best way to get the juice the way he wanted was to make it himself. So back in February 2014 he started his quest to create a tobacco juice that actually tasted something like what he used to smoke. I don't really know Roger, but from the way he tells his story I get a feeling this is a guy who finishes whatever he starts. And I also guess that the months of dedicated research he then put in, talking to other juice-makers and reading online resources is what made him something of an e-juice oracle according to some of the members of the NDS facebook group.

Anyway, the quest ended up in a finished product, Mountain Smoke which is one of the juices now available through There is also another one, Foxy Lemon and according to Roger he's got quite a few others in the making.

Hopefully I'll be able to do a review for you guys pretty soon as well. Actually I think I have tried the Foxy Lemon already. A colleague wanted me to try out a juice that tasted like some candy we have here in Norway (not sure if it's sold in other countries) called Fox. Trying to work I didn't pay that much attention to where he said it came from (sorry), so I'm not 100% sure. But from what I remember the juice was good.

Congratulations on being the first Norwegian juice-maker to go all international on us, Roger. And good luck with your juice-making adventure. I'm looking forward to your Giraffe special blend :)


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