Thursday, 19 February 2015

Juice Review: Lush by Nick's Blissful Brews

It's been a good while now since I first came across Nicks Blissful Brews. I first heard of it through the Vapepit forum back when Nick was mainly selling through forums. Back then I remember I got hold some of his Smoked Custard and did a review if it as well. The Smoked Custard was a great juice in my opinion so I had pretty high expectations for Lush as well.

Tested on: Kanger SubTank (RDA @ 0.4 ohm's, 20-25 watts)

Back when I was reviewing the Smoked Custard I wrote about his original ideas, and that he didn't just do versions of the popular flavour mixes but added his own touches, creating original blends not found elsewhere. With Lush however, he is doing a quite ordinary mix of Strawberries and cream. Now there is a reason this is a popular mix... these two flavours are really soulmates like it says in the description of this juice. In a way it is probably more demanding making a good juice when you're having a go at a pretty common taste combination, as it really needs to be perfectly balanced and you need to find the best available ingredients to make your juice better than the others, something I do believe is Nicks goal. So does he deliver? Hell yeah! This is simply the best Strawberries and cream juice I've tries. Well, actually I think it might be the only one that claims to be a strawberries and cream juice. I mean I've tried several strawberry juices that I've felt tasted like strawberries and cream(ish)... and maybe that is what makes Nicks version so damn good. This juice does not only have a great strawberry taste (a lot of other have that), but the cream in this juice is also fantastic, and Nick has really nailed the balance between them. A great juice that reminded me of something I had almost forgotten to do: Try out some more of Nicks juices.


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  1. Ahh I've just reviewed the whole range (except Fro Yo) I'd love for to have a look? They're so good.

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