Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Juice review: Love Potion No. 6 by Decadent Vapours

Looks like Decadent Vapours have a plan to release limited edition e-juices for holidays and other special days. They released their "Gold" last Christmas. Now Valentines day is coming up and DV have created a new juice for the occasion: Love Potion No.6.

Love potion No. 6 
Tested on: Kanger Subtank (RDA at 0.4 Ohms, 20-25 watts)
With Love Potion No. 6 Decadent Vapours have tried to duplicate the taste of a some well known sweets: Love Hearts. Well, of course I can't speak for the rest of the world, but these have been around here in Norway for as long as I can remember, and I honestly think I'll have a hard time finding someone who has never tasted them. The juice comes in a red bottle with lots of hearts like you see in the picture. So... I've had to hide the bottle away to avoid the inevitable harassment that would follow if anyone at work saw me filling up my tank from such a bottle :)

Decadent Vapours describes the juice like this: "A lovesome blend of red berries, fizzy sherbet and seductive vanilla with a touch of cherry drop, this is just the vape to set the mood with someone special." I can see that description fit on the sweets as well so the question is then... does the juice really taste like this as well? The answer is quite simply ... yes it does. At least they are not very far off here. It might have a bit more sweetness and a little less berries than the sweets but to me it becomes closer and closer every time. Whether this is my mind playing tricks on me or it has something to do with the flavour actually changing I don't know really. The Kanger is quite a large tank and the juice have been in there for a while and it might actually be some steeping going on. Think I'm going to leave in the dark for a while and see what this does to the flavour. I also noticed that you get more berries if you vape a little cooler. So if I turn down my watts from the usual 25 I use with this tank to around 20 it gets a bit closer to the sweets. DV has also managed to recreate that fizzy feeling of the sweets, but of course not that strong. For me it's a bit on the sweet side to being an all day vape... but then again, I've said that about a lot of juices lately that I've ended up vaping for days.

Anyway, for anyone that have tried the Love Heart sweets, the flavour should be pretty familiar. And if you like the sweets, you definitely should try this juice as well. Simple as that actually.


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