Thursday, 8 January 2015

Juice review: Absinthe by Decadent Vapours

It's time for my first e-juice review of 2015. Last time I reviewed a juice from Decadent Vapours I reviewed the Sarsaperilla, a quite new taste for my tongue. This time, the taste is a lot more familiar, but not totally unrelated to the Sarsaparilla.

Tested on: Hellfire Dripper (Cotton wick, around 0.4 ohms @ 15-25W)

Aniseed has become quite a popular taste in e-liquids and there's a bunch of different options to choose from out there. Quite a few juice makers have them in their lineup nowadays, but I think Decadent Vapours take on the taste has been around for as long as I have been vaping at least. It's named after the famous alcoholic beverage and probably aims to recreate the taste of the drink. I do believe I've tasted it, the drink that is, a couple of times, but for obvious reasons it might be difficult to remember exactly how that tasted. When it comes to aniseed e-liquid, I've tasted several... the legendary Mad Murdoc's Radiator Pluid, Mido's Scorpion Blood just to name a couple of my favourites.

The Absinthe tastes like a mix of aniseed and liquorice, well balanced and with a sweetness in the aftertaste that I find myself liking more and more. A bit strange as I usually complain about juices being to sweet. However lately I've found myself liking more and more sweet juices... so maybe not that strange anyway. The 50/50 PG/VG that DV sent me produces huge clouds of thick vapor on my setup, that I think look slightly green even though I know they are not. I've heard that the looks of food affects how we perceive the flavour. Hopefully what I'm experiencing is the opposite effect of this, and not something weird they've put in the juice. Nothing wrong with the vapor production in other words.

Throat hit is not bad either. Aniseed juices usually give quite a strong throathit in my experience. However I do find the Absinthe a little less strong tasting than other aniseed juices I've tried, and a bit sweeter as I said above. From time to time, but not in every draw I think I get a tiny bit of citrus as well. I like that... makes the juice more interesting.

Aniseed is one of these love/hate tastes. Some people can't stand the taste, others love it but not many are in between. If you are on the love side I'd say the Absinthe should be on your list to try out. If you haven't tried this taste in an e-liquid yet, it's a good one to start out with, not being the strongest of them all.

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