Thursday, 22 January 2015

Another flawed study on Formaldehyde in E-Cigarette Aerosols

Yesterday another vaping horror story, based on this junk science, hit the media (for example here). I guess it was just a matter of time before it happened again. This time Dr. Peyton and Dr. Pankow at Portland State University in Oregon have used a puffing machine of some kind and found that you'll detect a lot of formaldehyde if you run a CE4 top-coil atomizer at 5 Volts (generating like 12W) and do 5 second puffs. This means, you do ONLY dry-puffs! Of course no-one in real life would do this so the study is totally irrelevant on only serves to show the incompetence of it's authors. If you run it at 3.3 Volts, like anyone with taste-buds would do, not surprisingly no formaldehyde was detected. Our dear doctors then came to the conclusion that vaping is 5-15 times as dangerous as smoking. I'm baffled that someone is able to publish such crap, and I'm just sad that the media once again takes the bait. This is like testing the safety of seat-belts in cars by strangling people with them.

AVA, Clive Bates, Dr. Siegel and Dr. Farsalinos already wrote great comments on the case explaining how bad this so called research is, and Dr. Farsalinos also wrote another comment verifying the equipment used in the "study". I suggest everyone bookmarks these comments and send them to anyone confronting you with this non-sense. And my God I look forward to the day Dr. Farsalinos' study on temperature of evaporation, liquid consumption and vapor analysis in realistic conditions is published so we can put an end to this formaldehyde scaremongering.

Subtank Fivepawns
photo credit: tbecreview via photopin cc


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