Monday, 27 March 2017

Juice Review: Mount Baker Vapor flavour concentrates, Part 2

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It's time for the second of my Mount Baker Vapor concentrates reviews. The last weeks I've been vaping on five new juices mixed up from the concentrates that sent me, curious to find out if any of them could beat my favourite from part 1, Thug Juice.

Caramel candy

Tested on: Steamcrave Aromamizer Plus (Dual fused claptons @ 0.16 ohms, 100 watts)

I've never been completely satisfied with the caramel flavours I've vaped so far, so I was kind of excited to see if Mount Baker could be the one that finally got it right. By the look of the picture they've chosen to illustrate this juice it seems that they're aiming to replicate a caramel fudge candy, and they're not that far from making it. I also feel they are just as close to hard caramel candy (like Werther's Original). Try to imagine a mix of the two. It's a good juice, pretty sweet stuff that might be a bit to sweet for an all day vape but more like a juice you'd vape with a cup of coffee.

Hawk sauce

Tested on: Steamcrave Aromamizer V2 (Dual claptons @ 0.4 ohms, 70 watts)

The only fruit juice in this part of my Mount Baker review series sure sounds tempting. Melon, berries and a touch of mint. And it delivers. This one is really great if you ask me and the description is spot on so no need for me to elaborate on that. I was afraid that the mint would be overpowering, but it's not at all. It a very subtle sweet mint that is perfectly balanced with the melon and berries. I can't really tell what berries, but it goes really well with the melon. Great juice.


Tested on: TFV8 Big Baby Beast (0.25 ohms, Smok Stick V8)

I've never been a big fan of these artificial tobacco flavours. When it comes to tobacco flavours I tend to favour the more realistic steeped N.E.T juices. However, this one was quite good. I mean I wasn't instantly convinced but I've been vaping it for a while now and it's growing on me. Not sure I would call it an authentic tobacco flavour, but it's a sweet flavour, with quite a lot of tobacco notes and quite a lot of caramel in there as well. To be totally honest it's not the kind of juice that I'd go buy, but I know quite a lot of 555 versions exist and quite a lot of people like them. If you're one of those, you probably shouldn't miss this one.

Cinnamon roll

Tested on: Geekvape Ammit (Ni80/Kanthal Clapton @ 0.8 ohms, 30-35 watts)

This one smells absolutely delicious... and it tastes equally delicious. The first thing that came to my mind was the cinnamon rolls that they used to sell in the cafeteria by our local skiing resort close to where I live. When I grew up those were almost as important a reason to go there as the skiing, and they were drenched in frosting. I was really looking forward to trying this one, having smelled it when I mixed it... and I was not at all disappointed. Delicious!


Tested on: Vaporesso Guardian tank (0.5 ohms, 30 watts)

Not to sure about this one to be honest. I mean it's not a bad tasting juice, I could probably vape it all day, but I feel it doesn't quite have enough taste. The butterscotch is there, but there should be more of it. Not my favourite I have to say, but then again I haven't really tasted a butterscotch juice that I've been completely satisfied with.

I'm really not sure which one to pick as a favourite among these five. It's either the cinnamon roll or the hawk sauce, but they are two completely different flavour types so it's hard to say that one is better than the other. Guess it depends on what I'm in the mood for, so I'll just stick with putting them both in the top three so far in addition to the Thug Juice from part 1.

Thanks a lot to Dag Einar at for making this review possible.
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