Thursday, 2 March 2017

Juice Review: Mount Baker Vapor flavour concentrates, Part 1

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I have to admit that mixing my own e-juice haven't been a big part of my everyday vaping life. I mean I've mixed some concentrates with nic and pg/vg a few times, mostly cause I've gotten good deals on some of my favourite juices in concentrate form but usually I get my juice steeped and ready to vape. So far, my attempts to mix my own flavours have ended up tasting... well to be honest, soap would be the most describing word.

A lot of other people, with more time on their hands than I've had lately, are mixing their own flavours, sharing recipes and having a lot of fun with this. Others buy concentrates of more or less known juices, doing the mixing and steeping themselves to save money. It is indeed quite a bit cheaper than buying finished juice. Mixing your own juice from concentrates is also a good way to start if you want to get into mixing your own flavours.

As you might imagine, soap does not taste very good, so when Dampevarer asked if I wanted to try out and review some concentrates for them I thought it sounded just perfect for me. I get to do some mixing, and it's easy enough for me not to fuck up and get... well soap :)

Anyway, when I picked up the package with the concentrates in question, it was a lot bigger than I expected. Turns out they didn't just send me a few bottles, but rather a whole bunch of them, including no less than 15 from Mount Baker Vapor. So this concentrate mixing project of mine will actually be a series of reviews, starting off with the first 5 Mount Baker juices I tried out.

I've mixed all the juices at 6 mg/ml nicotine and 50/50 PG/VG, letting them steep for at least a week before I started trying out the first ones. I started out with some of the more fruity ones, as I do believe (after some googling) that dessert flavours, like custards and the like, benefit more from steeping so I'll leave those a bit longer. As for flavour strength I've been following the guidelines on the bottles, which for all the Mount Baker concentrates says 20%. This means you'll get 50 ml of finished juice from the 10 ml bottles that they use for the concentrates. Considering a bottle costs 49 NOK (which is like $6/£5) and the nicotine and pg/vg for a 50ml costs like a couple of dollars you end up with some pretty cheap juice.

So lets get on with the first 5 Mount Baker juices that I skill-fully created in my kitchen:

Apple rings

Tested on: Steamcrave Aromamizer Plus (Dual fused claptons @ 0.16 ohms, 100 watts)

This on is supposed to imitate sour apple ring candy rings. It does have a quite sweet apple smell, and the flavour is pretty accurate resembling apple candy, not real apples I'd say. I'm not sure I've tasted the exact candy they are aiming for here but it sure tastes just like I'd expect those rings in the illustration photo would taste like. It's a good juice that I've vaped all day. I'm not sure I'd vape it several days in a row though... I tend to get tired of these kinds of flavours, but that's just me. But great juice to pick up from time to time when you feel like vaping some apple candy flavour.


Tested on: Steamcrave Aromamizer Plus (Dual fused claptons @ 0.16 ohms, 100 watts)

I was a bit disappointed with this in the beginning. It wasn't that sweet pear flavour I expected. A bit too sour for my taste... kind of like a pear that should have been left for a couple of more days ripening before you ate it. And you know what... leaving it for a couple of more days, or weeks will probably help a lot for this juice as well. I had steeped it for just a week or so when I first tried it. Since I've been using a 10ml tank to test this, the juice just got better and better as the juice was left in the tank, constantly heated and then cooled off, which probably speeds up the steeping process quite a bit. It quickly got quite a lot sweeter and it is indeed a pretty authentic pear juice.

Thug juice

Tested on: Steamcrave Aromamizer Plus (Dual fused claptons @ 0.16 ohms, 100 watts)

Berries and melon, with a cool menthol finish... now we're talking. Before I tasted this juice the combination of berries, melon and menthol sounded like ... well, "ok" I guess. After tasting it... it sounds fantastic. What I'm trying to say is that I didn't expect that much from this juice, or to put it in another way, it wasn't on the list of the flavours that I've looked the most forward to trying out. But it surprised me by being bloody delicious. Never underestimate the power of fresh fruits and menthol, and try this one even if the description makes you go "meh".

Orange Dream Bar

Tested on: Steamcrave Aromamizer V2 (Dual claptons @ 0.4 ohms, 70 watts)

Supposed to be an orange creamsicle flavour. To be honest I am a bit confused about this. Every time I pick up the setup that I've used for this I'm not too happy with the first hits. I get kind of a bitter flavour like orange zest instead of the creamsicle flavour it is supposed to be. However, once I vape a bit on it the bitterness goes away (almost like the juice needs to be pre-heated) and it becomes much sweeter and better. I'm not sure I get the full creamsickle experience though. I've seen some other reviews that praise the accuracy of this vape so it might be my mix that is a bit off. Maybe it needs to steep some more or maybe another setup will get more out of it. Anyway, not my favourite so far this one.

Blue Moo

Tested on: Steamcrave Aromamizer V2 (Dual claptons @ 0.4 ohms, 70 watts)

A quick google search reveals that this blueberry cream muffin juice is hated by some and praised by others. I'll admit I was a bit sceptical when I smelled this juice, fearing that those that claimed this tastes like butter was right. I did not get much blueberry when smelling it at least. Vaping it wasn't that bad  but certainly not good.... at first. I'm not really sure what happened, usually my juices taste best on a fresh wick, but this one was just strange. Might have been me having a bit of a cold at the time so my taste buds might have been all messed up. You see after a while when I picked up my setup again I started getting the blueberry, cream and muffin flavours from the description. On the inhale I get quite a lot of blueberry, and on the exhale it is accompanied by cream and muffin. I feel it keeps getting better and better, making me suspect I might have cracked the bottle a bit early. It's already a great juice in my opinion, but I'm looking leaving some ml's to steep for another week or as I suspect this will make it even better.

Out of the 5 juices I've reviewed here I'd definitely say that the Thug Juice was my favourite. The Blue Moo is still getting better and better and coming in second for now. Looking forward to see if any of the other 10 juice I still have steeping in a dark and smelly place will reach the top of the list.

Thanks a lot to Dag Einar at for making this review possible.
  • All my reviews are my honest opinion even if I am affiliated with the company manufacturing or selling the product.
  • These products were sent to me for free for the purpose of this review. 
  • This review does not contain affiliate links.


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