Tuesday, 18 October 2016

A Billion Lives ready for global lauch on October 26th

Aaron Biebert's documentary about vaping, A Billion Lives, has now been shown several times around the world, and not long ago the rumors that it is being considered for "Best Documentary Feature" at The Oscars were confirmed. Their success has not come easily, a lot of hard work has been done and a lot of strong forces have been working against Aaron and his team. Some days ago I got a newsletter from them (if you haven't signed up yet, please do it now) telling us about their struggles and how vapers all around the world have made this possible despite the efforts that have been made to stop the words about this documentary from spreading:
Big organizations were trying to bury us. Facebook was unfairly censoring our posts, making them unseen to the public we were trying to reach. Big Hollywood companies were mysteriously "not interested" after expressing strong support. Our small team starting facing burnout and fatigue.
It wasn't looking good. We fell about a month behind our planned release schedule. But you stuck with us.

You lifted us up. Many of you volunteered to help.

You made a lot of noise and caught the attention of two distribution companies called Tugg & Demand.Film.
In this newsletter, the team asked vapers around the world to help organize the global launch on October 26th, and the vapers responded. The movie will be shown quite a few places already, but still there are a lot of screenings that will only happen if they manage to get enough reservations. And this is where you can help out. Have a look at the global launch page on their site to see how and where you can get to see this documentary. The more screenings that actually happens, the more publicity the movie will get, and this is an important movie to make the world aware of. Buy a bunch of tickets and bring your friends! And if you happen to know someone who can get the word out in some kind of publications... even better.

I'm also really happy to see that the movie will be shown here in Norway on November the 14th, in Oslo. I know that they have people working hard to get the press there as well, and I really hope I'll be able to go see it.

Once again: If we can work together and get this movie out to as many people as possible it will be hard to ignore for the people that are going to decide what happens to vaping in the future without risking their own heads rolling. So please do whatever you can to make this happen in a place near you!



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