Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Juice Review: Rush Rush Yayo by Cheap Thrills Juice Co.

UK based Cheap Thrills Juice Co. was another juice company I had not heard of until I was asked to do this review. Then again, I have been quite busy with other things lately as you might have noticed, with the public consultations going on here in Norway at the moment. Anyway, these guys have only three flavours in their range yet but there were only two when I was asked about this review so my guess is they're just getting started and I wouldn't be surprised if we see more from them soon. Since I've been vaping quite a lot of sweet desert vapes lately I went for the fruity option with Rush Rush Yayo this time.

Rush Rush Yayo

Tested on: Aromamizer Supreme (Dual Fused Clapton @ 0.2 ohms, 70 watts)

I get mostly apple when I smell this juice. Actually my wife brought home a whole plastic bag full of freshly picked apples that a friend of hers had given her just last week and so the smell was quite familiar to be honest. Vaping it I also get apple as the main flavour, but the watermelon and the strawberries also plays quite a part in this juice making it taste kind of tropical. The watermelon is mostly there on the exhale for me. The strawberry I might not have recognized if I hadn't known from the description that it's in there cause it kind of mixes in nicely just altering the apple a bit. So you're left with the feeling that it's a slightly different kind of apple if you see what I mean. It's quite a fresh juice, maybe best suited for summer as it kind of leaves me thinking that there should be a drink tasting like this... topped off with a fresh strawberry and a little cocktail umbrella. My guess is the drink already exists, I just haven't tasted it yet... but I'll look for it next time I'm at a proper beach bar somewhere far far away from this rainy town of mine.

Thanks a lot to ecigarettedirect.co.uk for sending me this juice for review.


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