Monday, 22 February 2016

Juice review: Button Junkie (Whole range)

The Button Junkie range consists of 4 juices, all of them with some fruity elements in them. Button Junkie have teamed up with Ecigwizard to manufacture the juices to be able to meet demand I guess. You can read more about this on their web-page. All their juices are 30/70 PG/VG and it looks like it's available in 0, 1.5, 3 and 6 mg/ml nicotine content, at least from Ecigwizard. I kind of like that they've put some extra effort into the artwork and design as well, usually means they've put some extra care into the juices as well.

Gorilla Trigger
Tested on: Smok TFV4 micro (CLP Fused Clapton Dual Core 0.3 Ohm, 50-60 watts)

I'm weird when it comes to pineapple... I think. I like fresh pineapple, and pineapple juice, but I'm not very happy if I get it on pizza. I guess in general I like it cold but I don't see why you need to put pineapple in hot food. So I have to admit I was a bit of a sceptic, as this juice is supposed to be pineapple cake. However, the smell of this one makes me a bit less sceptical. Quite fresh smell. When tasting it I'm a bit surprised, I think I might like pineapple cake even if it's hot. It's quite well balanced and quite sweet without being sickening. It's a juice I'd have no problem recommending, especially to pineapple lovers. Button Junkie calls this juice "gentle", which I think is quite a good word for it actually. It's not overwhelming in any way, but rather quite easy and relaxed ... if that makes sense. Good one for vaping all day actually, despite the quite aggressive name.

Tiger fire
Tested on: UD Zephyrus (0.2 Ohm, 40-50 watts)

This one smells of citrus fruits. It's supposed to be a cheesecake base with cream, oranges, lemons and grapefruit. And you get quite a lot of the citrus fruits when vaping this. I'm not sure I get so much cheesecake and cream but there is something in there kind of smoothening the edges a bit, but still leaves some of the bite of the citrus fruits. Guess that might be the cheesecake and cream then. I really like this one to be honest. Even if I can't really taste the cheesecake that doesn't mean it's not good... cause it is. Definitely an interesting take on citrus fruits that I think you need to try out cause it's not that easy to describe.

Crack Panda
Tested on: UD Bellus (Dual Coil @ around 0.45 Ohm, 30-40 watts)

Smells ... fresh I guess is the right word. A blend of apricots, peaches and other tantalizing tropical fruits according to Button Junkie. And that's what it tastes like as well. It is indeed a quite sweet yet very refreshing blend of fruits. Really like this one, might be my favourite in the range I think. Definitely an all day vape for me.

Vulture Punch 
Tested on: Secret tank that I'm trying out for someone :)

A bubbling brew of thick, creamy custard & sweet, ripe strawberries with a hint of caramelised brown sugar & Madagascan vanilla. This is Button Junkies description of this juice. One of my favourite juices is a strawberry custard and I'm sorry but this one does not quite come up to that level. It's a good juice, but I personally have another strawberry custard that I like better. Then again ... taste is a matter of personal preference, and this one is good enough to make the list of strawberry custards you should try out to find your favourite.

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