Thursday, 5 March 2015

Juice Review: Bound By The Crown by Kings Crown

The Kings Crown juice line, from the people behind the very successful Suicide Bunny, is a line of 4 high VG gourmet juices. All 4 of them are 70% VG, which means I was expecting huge clouds of thick delicious vapour from this one. I have already tried Fight your fate, which is a great strawberry lemonade juice that I like very much so I was hoping that Bound by the crown would be just as good.

Bound by the crown
Tested on: Kanger Subtank (0.4 ohm's, 20-25 watts)

First of all, when it comes to vapour production, Bound by the crown delivers those huge clouds I said I expected... and then some. Being 70% VG, throat hit is limited but I guess that's not what your are aiming for if you buy a 70% VG juice either.

When it comes to the flavour, I'm not really sure what I think after having vaped like one and a half tank of it by now. Described by the makers as sweet custard, spice and ripened stone fruits... I can't say I disagree. It seems to change on me a bit though. Some times I feel it's a bit dry and not sweet enough (yeah, I'm weird right), but at other times, especially when inside that sweet delicious custard comes more across, without being overpowering and muting the fruits. I imagine a lot of people would love this as an all day juice. It's a pretty complex one with lots of different things going on and it's a bit hard to pinpoint all the different notes, which makes it quite and interesting juice. It does have somewhat of an x-factor that links it to Fight your fate as well, without me being able to tell exactly what it is. But I could have guessed that these two juices were made by the same people, and it has also got something in common with the Mother's Milk by Suicide Bunny. Guess it's kind of the same custard flavours. As I said, I'm not really sure what I feel about the flavour yet, some times I think it's growing on me, some times I feel I'm a bit tired of it already. To be totally honest, right now I'd choose Fight your fate over this one, but I also think trying out this one is worth it if you like the Suicide Bunny range and huge clouds of vapour, cause it's by no means a bad juice. I'm just not sure if it's for me... yet.

Big thanks to for letting me try out this juice :)

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