Friday, 20 March 2015

Some great news from Dr. Farsalinos and his team

This morning I was made aware of an update published on the indiegogo project page that Dr. Farsalinos and his team set up for their upcoming study on "Temperature of evaporation, liquid consumption and vapor analysis in realistic conditions." It looks to me that we can expect some very good and very important papers being published soon, one of them already submitted for publication and Dr. Farsalinos gives us some good news about it:
This study is extremely important, and I can reveal that the results were better than expected. It seems that the dry puff taste is a very sensitive natural defence mechanism, which is detected at very low levels of aldehydes. In that study, we have also measured the temperatures but we decided to report them in a separate paper.
You might remember the horror-story about e-cigarette vapor containing lots of formaldehyde that was published in media all over the world in January. Dr. Farsalinos was quick to point out the obvious flaws and wrongly drawn conclusions back then, criticizing the misinformation published. Even the authors of the study kind of agreed to a lot of his criticism, giving us the real reason they published it: "We just wanted to get it out". Despite all this I still hear people claiming that e-cigarette vapor contains 10 times more carcinogens than cigarette smoke. This new paper by Farsalinos and his team looks like it is going to prove his theory that unrealistic dry-puff conditions is the reason behind such results... and then some.

The thing I like most about Dr. Farsalinos work is that he looks for possible real-life issues with e-cigarettes, and provides information and ways to eliminate these problems should they occur. His effort to study how temperatures affects the content of the vapor will provide extremely important information for the industry and will make their efforts to develop safe products a lot easier. Some people are unable to recognize the potential of the e-cigarette, and focus only on finding problems. Dr. Farsalinos and his team focuses not only on investigating potential problems, but they also give the industry the information they need to develop products that are a safe as possible.



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