Friday, 5 December 2014

YOU can get the truth out there!

Last Friday and on Tuesday I wrote that Norwegian media was pretty quick to retract the horror story was published in media all over the world that week. And still I haven't seen many non-Norwegian media doing this yet (although I wrote about one on Tuesday). But today I was made aware by Dan MacDonald (author of on twitter that Swedish News agency FinWire (@FinWire) has published an article retracting the news. They did this after Dan saw their original article and made them aware of what Norwegian media was writing and Dr. Farsalinos' statements on It's a perfect example of what we as vapers can achieve if we just keep on fighting. I strongly urge vapers in other countries to write to their news agencies, newspapers and any journalists that might be able to get the story out. Dan made it happen and so can you! Now let's hope the Swedish media picks this one up.

Here's the article they published, translated by google and yours truly:
AFP recently reported that e-cigarettes contain up to ten times more carcinogens than regular tobacco, citing research by Japanese researchers. Other prominent scholars however, tone it down and thinks that what was reported in the media does not match the actual research. The Norwegian NRK wrote in an article last week:

- Even in the worst product tested the values of the carcinogen formaldehyde that were
six times lower than in tobacco, says Konstantinos Farsalinos, which is considered a world-leading researchers in the right e-cigarettes.

Even Karl Erik Lund at the Norwegian Institute for Alcohol and drug research is sceptical after reading the Japanese report.

- We've made chemical content analyzes for 7-8 years and all analyzes performed so far goes in a completely different direction than the news agency reported here, said Lund to NRK.

- This is uncritical dissemination of a comment that does not reflect the content of the report and are liable to scare smokers from harm reduction nicotine intake, says Lund.

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  1. I wish Finwire were in my country! We shoudl compile a list of media outlets who refused to retract.
    Jay Pleski

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