Thursday, 4 December 2014

E-juice review: Devil Kiss and Danger Island by No1Ejuice

No1Ejuice says they want to provide "all the top brands" of e-liquid from one shop, and they are starting to have quite a good lineup of top-brand juices: Ben Johnsons, Five Pawns, Suicide Bunny and Mad Alchemist just to mention a few. They also keep working on adding new premium brands to their list all the time. Their prices are not bad either, and they do have some pretty good offers from time to time. To me it looks like they aim to be a juice vendor first and foremost, but also stock some basic starter kits and some of the most popular equipment from Aspire, Kanger and even Vaporshark at decent prices. But they also have their own range of e-liquids, currently consisting of 4 juices after they recently added a two new ones. Today I'm reviewing one "old" and one "new" juice from this range, Devil Kiss and Danger Island.

Devil Kiss 
Tested on: IGO-W8/Sigelei 100W (@ around 30-35W)

Devil Kiss is one of the two juices they started out with in this range. Well, to be honest I don't really know if they started with one or two juices when they started, but at least this one was there first time I visited their web-page. They describe it as a "succulent sweet grape flavour followed by a subtle hint of mint taste that will leave you feeling like you had a sweet delicious treat". Well, to be honest I don't think this description quite hit the spot. Now this might have to do with me trying it on a dripper and high wattage, but to me the mint taste are not a subtle hint. To me the mint and the grape are pretty much equally present. But that is not necessarily a bad thing. On this kind of setup I think their own description of the juice is a quite a bit off, but on a lower wattage setup it might be. So why didn't I try this? Well, even though the description wasn't spot on, that doesn't mean it's not good. I was actually going to leave some to test on the Nautilus, but I found myself chain-vaping and suddenly I was going to drip some more and the bottle was empty. The taste is pretty unique, I've not tasted anything like it before and as you might have guessed (since the I emptied the bottle without noticing) I kind of liked it. I do think this might be a hate/love juice though, at least on high power like this. A lot of flavour, and a very distinctive and unique flavor... that's like the recipe for a love/hate juice. The samples I got was 6 mg/ml nicotine and they are all 70/30 PG/VG. Throat-hit was pretty strong as you can imagine on this setup, and 6 mg/ml was perfect as well. Anything more and I'd get dizzy for sure.

Danger Island 
Tested on: Aspire Nautilus/Sigelei 100W (@ around 15W)
Danger Island is one of the two juices they recently added to the range. It's a
coconut/watermelon blend with a touch of creaminess. This time they are spot on with their description. As I said above, might have to do with the equipment and wattage used. Usually I find coconut kind of a hard taste to like in e-liquids. It usually gets to sweet and kind of sticky, and once it sets in the wicking material I get a feeling it gets even sweeter and more dominant. In this juice however I don't get that feeling. The melon kind of balances it out, and renders it more mellow. Again I discover a taste combo that I hadn't even thought of myself, and it works pretty well. It's not to sweet either, making it an easy juice to like if you ask me. None of the flavours are especially dominant over the others, and none of them very strong. It is a bit difficult to describe... I think soft is kind of the best word I can think of, this is a soft juice, or maybe calm. It would work great as an all day vape, the only thing I'm worried about is that it might be a bit boring in the long run.

I do recommend trying these juices out, especially the Devil Kiss, as they are both unique, interesting  and at the moment pretty cheap as well (£3.50 if you hurry).

  • All my reviews are my honest opinion even if I am affiliated with the company manufacturing or selling the product. 
  • The juice was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review.
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