Friday, 20 June 2014

Juice sample subscription services - A good idea?

Last week I was contacted by Kevin from presenting their service. Luckily for them (and me?) they didn't use the word subscription at all. That might have put the email straight in the trash cause the idea of subscribing to any kind of vaping stuff sounds like a bad idea to me. There is so many good juices out there, and so much different equipment to try out that it sounds like a waste of money to me. I've not exactly heard much good about it either, the most common response when I read about it on Facebook or forums has been that it's bloody expensive. But anyway, since they avoided that word I read through the whole thing and it kind of got me interested and I did some google searches on the subject.

The idea is that they send you a box of premium juice samples every month, at very a reasonable price (at Zamplebox they have 2 options: $25 or $45 depending on how much juice you want), along with some coupons giving you some discounts if you find a juice you really like. My google searches reveals that there are actually quite a few of these services now. A couple of them based in Europe as well (mySizzleBox, Drippa and maybe more), and some of them even have options with hardware included every month (although it mostly looks like cheap clones). Actually as I'm starting to like the idea. The price isn't bad, and according to users it looks like you get $50+ worth of juice for half that price. Not only is this a good idea for vapers like me, who are always on the search for a new favourite juice, but the vendors that deliver the juices to zamplebox and other similar services get their product out to a lot of vapers that might never have heard of them.

I agreed to do a review of zamplebox's service, so as soon as the box arrives I'll let you guys know if this is as good as it looks on paper. Can they live up to this statement?: "As you can imagine, many of your readers are also vapers who have dived head first into vaping, asking the questions: Where do I find premium E-liquid? What are the best premium devices to vape with? What can help me quit smoking? Zamplebox is the solution." 

Zamplebox also offered to throw a competition where my readers can win a month subscription and try this out themselves. So stay tuned if you want a chance to win some free juice. Kevin said he'll send the box this week so hopefully the review and competition will be up next week. If anyone has tried some of these services please don't be afraid to leave a comment.

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  1. I have tried ZampleBox and love it! I have tried the drip club and love it, I also love easy vape club! ZampleBox is my favorite though!

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