Tuesday, 10 June 2014

"First vape" stories on the Ashtray Blog

Yesterday the Ashtray Blog published an article where 10 vapers tell the story of their first vape, and readers are encouraged to tell their own stories in the comments. James asked me a couple of weeks if I wanted to contribute to this and of course I said yes. For those of you that has read some of my previous posts you'll know that I'm a big fan of vapers telling their stories and I think these stories are extremely important to educate and make sure that people don't base their attitude towards vaping based solely on the propaganda that the anti-vaping movement feeds the media.

I must say I'm honoured to be asked to contribute alongside the other bloggers in the article. Some of these bloggers have managed to reach millions of readers every week and their work is really important to the future of vaping. Thanks James, for letting me tell my story. Read the whole story here: http://goo.gl/TWk17n. I encourage all of you to tell your own story in the comments. There is even nice prices to win if you do.

PS. Dimitris, I totally agree with you on the stick batteries. The cig-alikes don't taste and perform as good as our 2nd generation devices and mods, but they play an important role in introducing smokers to vaping.

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