Monday, 7 December 2015

Review: Bellus RTA by UD

Not long after I reviewed the Goblin mini by UD, they released the Bellus, and people seemed to like it a lot. At least people in some of the facebook groups I'm in embraced it, saying it was the best thing since internet porn. As I've stated earlier I loved the Zephyrus from Youde and obviously I was pretty pleased with the Goblin mini as well, so I had high hopes for the Bellus. If this thing performs like the Goblin mini and has the looks and capacity of the Zephyrus... well then it's would be the shit right? Let's see...

In the box
The Bellus comes in a nice presentation box, with some drawings on the back showing the different parts and explaining how to fill it. You also get quite a few spare parts.
  • The RTA
  • A spare tank section
  • Spare o-rings
  • Spare screws for the build deck
  • A single coil adapter (blocks one of the air holes if you want to do single coil builds). 
  • Spare rubber ring for blocking the fill holes on the top (I have no idea what to call it).
  • A couple of pre-wrapped coils, guess around 1.2 Ohms as I've set them up in a dual coil setup that comes out around 0.6 Ohms. 
  • Some cotton. 

  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Pyrex Glass tank
  • 5ml capacity
  • Dual or Single coil setup
  • Spiraled drip-tip and chimney
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Top filling
  • 2-post build-deck
  • Outer Diameter: 22mm
  • Height: 45.5 mm (without drip tip & 510 thread)
  • Net Weight: 56g (with drip tip), 50g (without drip tip)

Looks and feel
Just as I think the Zephyrus looks great, I also think the Bellus looks great. They're pretty much exactly the same size (I think the Bellus is around 1mm higher), except for the driptip that is a bit longer on the Bellus. Of course you can just swap those if you've got both, or use one of your favourite tips. I haven't really bothered to try any other, but I guess most will fit. It's a very clean design, nothing to fancy.

Might also be worth mentioning that the pyrex tank section on this is exactly the same as the one used on the Goblin mini, so you can get them in different colors as well. You can also get the RTA itself in black now, which I think looks pretty awesome.

In use
The Bellus has a 2 post build-deck, which I love. Gives you a bit more room even if it is quite a small deck. Now I haven't tried that many different builds on this, but I guess you can't fit huge clapton coils in there and you should probably stay on max 2.5mm diameter coils. I also like the "snap-on" design of the deck. I haven't really seen this design before. When you're happy with your build, the deck is just pushed into the housing at the bottom of the tank, and there is really only one way to make it fit. If you keep your coils on the same height as the post holes they should be perfectly aligned with the air holes. When it comes to wicking, all you have to do is trim your wicks at the right length (search the internet, or trial and error) and they will be pushed down towards, or into, the juice channels when you push the deck in place. The locking ring at the bottom keeps the deck in place. There is also a single coil adapter included if you want to do single coil builds. This is just a rubber/plastic part that will seal off the juice channels and airflow on one of the sides.

A great thing about this design is that you can access your deck without draining the tank, just turn it upside down and pop the deck out. This of course means you're free to inspect your coils, change your cotton or recoil without wasting juice. Very nice if you manage to burn your cotton, or just want to change your coils for whatever reason. Love it.

Filling this tank is done through the top. The design is a bit different than on the Zephyrus, which had some rubber thing that you pushed into the fill hole to seal them off. On the Bellus there is a rubber ring fitted in the top cap that will seal the holes once the cap is back on. Easy to fill and as long as the tip of whatever bottle you use to fill it fits in the holes it shouldn't be to messy either. If you manage to spill some juice however, it will go down your chimney as you can see... so don't do that. Good threading on the top-cap so it screws on and off pretty easily and it doesn't come loose once it's tightened down.

Airflow is controlled by just twisting the airflow ring either way, opening up or closing the 32 holes in it. Fully open I find it gives more than enough air for the builds I've tried so far. Perfect fit as well, not to tight so easy to turn, and not too loose so it will stay wherever you leave it.

I've had no leaking issues with this tank. You might have some juice coming out of the airholes when filling it, but once it's filled and I've started vaping, I've had no leaking.

Again, this is the best part. UD delivers once again. Great flavour and vapour production, on par with the Goblin mini at least. I think the Zephyrus is one of the best, if not the best, sub-ohm tanks when it comes to flavour. I'm starting to think that the spiralled driptip actually has something to do with this. On the Bellus you get the same drip-tip design, but here you also get the spirals in the chimney, all the way down to the chamber. You also have the airholes pointing directly at your coils... and all this seems to work really really well. If you liked flavour of the Goblin mini, you're going to love this one as well.

Pros and cons
+ Insane flavour
+ Fantastic vapor production
+ Looks great (you can also get tank sections in different colors)
+ Top filling
+ Build deck accessible without draining the tank
+ Easy to build and fill
+ Good airflow design
+ Good juice capacity for a relatively small tank
- Not much, really. If I'd have to say something it would be that the deck is a bit small, limits your build options a bit.

Try one, you'll love it. Not much more to say, really. I think the list price is around $35, but you can get them somewhere between $20 and $30 a lot of places, which is money well spent. Has quickly become one of my favourite RTAs.

Big thanks to Gearbest for sending me this Bellus for review.

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  • The device was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review.
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