Thursday, 13 November 2014

Professor Martin McKee talks about stuff he's not qualified to talk about

This morning I read this in the Independent: First e-cigarette 'vaping' advert to be shown on TV criticised for being 'highly sexualised'. Professor Martin McKee, not surprisingly, is "totally against" the new VIP advert that was shown on TV this week for the first time. This got me in kind of a bad mood.

It didn't get much better after reading this article he wrote also in the Independent: E-cigarettes should not be advertised — we don't even know how dangerous they are. Here he explains why this ad is targeting young non-smokers, clearly not something he as a professor of European Public Health as London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine is not qualified to do. I kind of felt the urge to write a long rant about why this is so wrong ...

... but then I read Redheadfullofsteam's post on the subject: The hidden power of advertizing, according to some people who know nothing about it. This made my day a lot better. I suggest you read it, especially if you're a bit pissed off by Professor McPhee's utter madness in the news. Thank you, Joanne :)

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