Monday, 12 May 2014

E-juice review: Vapourlites Blueberry, Vanilla Pod and Strawberry

A little while ago Vapourlites contacted me and asked if I wanted to review some of their new E-liquids, and I agreed to sharing my honest opinion on these. They sent me 3 flavours free of charge for the purpose of this review. (I am not affiliated with Vapourlites in any other way).

Vapourlites Pharma + E-liquids are produced by Vapourlabs (, and they've opted for 80/20 PG/VG. They have a strong focus on safety, all e-liquid are delivered in child safe 10 ml bottles, with a proper list of ingredients and warnings. They make a point out of the fact that their liquid is manufactured in their UK laboratories using the best ingredients including pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

All juices were 18mg/ml nicotine.

Tested on: Hellfire Hybrid
Opening the bottle the smell of this one is pretty good. As expected from an 80/20 liquid the throat hit was good as well. When it comes to flavour it's pretty good and pretty strong as well. There's a good deal of sweetness added, and I think that makes me feel it tastes a bit artificial. More like blueberry candy than pure blueberry. I haven't got too much to compare with when it comes to blueberry, as the only other one I've tried is Scopes, which is a much more complex juice that could just as well have been called blueberry-cinnamon-muffin or something like that. Vapourlites I'd say is more blueberry candy, which probably would hit the spot for quite a lot of people, but personally I like it more natural and I think it could be more balanced when it comes to sweetness.

Vanilla Pod
Tested on: Hellfire Mega
Good throat hit and decent vapour production. A pretty good vanilla flavour but I also get the feeling the sweetness could be balanced a bit better on this one as well. But then again, for some reason I tend to get quickly bored by vanilla e-liquid. I do love vanilla ice cream, vanilla custard and vanilla syrup in my coffee but as an e-liquid it doesn't really work for me, at least not as an all day vape. Vanilla custard on the other hand could easily be, don't really know why. Taste is personal I guess :)

Tested on: Hellfire Mega
This on kind of takes me back to my childhood as the taste reminds me of a strawberry milkshake they used to sell here in Norway like 20 years ago. To me this was the best of the 3, and although this one is also pretty sweet I think it suits the flavour better. It still has kind of a candy feeling about it, but there is still a distinct strawberry taste, which is a good thing. And even though it does have that candy feeling it still doesn't feel that artificial.

To sum up
The juices vapourlites sent me are by no means bad juices. Actually they are pretty good, and I wouldn't mind recommending them to someone looking for reasonably priced, safe e-liquid. I've tasted better blueberry, better vanilla and better strawberry juices than these, but then the price is also quite a lot higher. These you get 3 for £10. You probably also noticed that I've "complained" about sweetness balance a bit. This I guess is a matter of personal preference. I recommend trying them out to make up your own opinion, after all the price is quite affordable so you won't get ruined trying them out:

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