Friday, 11 April 2014

Easter vacation and some recommended reading for vapers

Norwegians are strange people with strange habits. Every Easter, a lot of us load our cars so full of skiing equipment, candy and kids that they at least double the fuel consumption, and set out to find the last snow-covered patches left. I'm no exception, I'm both Norwegian and pretty weird. So for the next week there won't be any long posts, if any at all. I might do some short posts if something comes up, but no extensive analysis at least.

Before I take some days off I'd like to recommend some other great blogs and some of my favourite stories from last week:
  • Clive Bates' blog is one I've been following for a while and he published his answers to the UK E-cigarette advertising code consultation: As always Clives' writing is well thought out, well written and convincing.
  • Steve K provided us with some more myth debunking this week: I highly recommend reading both his news summaries and articles.
  • On the always excellent Ashtray Blog, James revealed some shocking news about how dangerous e-cigarettes really are: The Ashtray blog is also a great blog to follow for news about the situation in Wales at the moment.
  • Cerebralrift had a great article about vaping safety worth reading: If you liked my article about responsible vaping earlier this week (some of you must have, it holds the page view record on the blog by far), remember that vaping safety is also a part of vaping responsibly.
  • Last but not least a couple of blogs always worth investing some time reading:, Dr. Michael Siegel's The rest of the story and Vape O Sphere.
Happy Easter holiday to everyone and may your Easter eggs be brimful of goodies.... and don't try to vape the yellow snow.

photo credit: beetletoyz via photopin cc


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